3 Effective Home Remedies for Dry Lips in Any Season

Dry Lips

Who, on this earth, does not want to get rid of dry lips? Lips are the supreme eye-catching part of our face and the whole body. Without moisturizing and beautiful lips, you will not be attractive to others. But getting moisturizing lips requires a routine to follow every day.

The fascinating fact is that the lips have no oil glands. Therefore, they are among the most sensitive parts of the body. Due to this sensitivity, dry and cold weather affects the lips in a bad way. People use the terms cracked and chapped lips for dry lip.

According to the skin specialist doctor in Lahore, cheilitis is also another term for lips. The skin on the lips is thin, that’s why they are more prone.

There can be many reasons behind dry lips. People of any age, children as well as adults, can experience this problem. However, some of the most common causes are hot or dry weather, sunburns, dehydration, allergies, autoimmune problems, etc.

In addition, the deficiency of vitamin B can also lead to this problem. If you frequently lick your lips, then there are chances that you will experience dry lip. You will be easily able to recognize the symptoms of dry lips. Because there are some common symptoms that you experience due to dry lips.

Pain in the lips, itching lips, scaling of the lips, and sore lips can be the symptoms of dry lips. To prevent these dry lips symptoms, you first need to know the causes of this health problem. After knowing the cause, it will be easy to overcome dry lips.

Home Remedies for Dry Lips

These are, some effective remedies, for treating and preventing lips dryness in the best way:

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin oil possesses many healthy and effective properties that make it an effective option for people to use as a lip balm. When you apply virgin coconut oil every day on your lips, this appliance helps in keeping the lips moisturized. In addition, this oil gives your lips an attractive look by reducing the severity of dryness.

Due to several other health properties of virgin coconut oil, you can also keep your lips free of germs. You will also be able to prevent lip infections because the antimicrobial properties of this oil will help you to do so. 

Furthermore, it is easy to use virgin coconut oil at any time because you can keep it at room temperature and it always stays stable. If your lips are dry, then dab this oil on your lips in the morning or evening. Even you can apply virgin coconut oil to your lips during the day if you feel the need to use it.

2. Drink More and More Water

Dehydration is among the major causes responsible for making your lips dry. When people don’t keep themselves hydrated, the problem of dry lip appears. The best way to prevent lips dryness is to drink more water. If you keep your body hydrated, preventing dry lips will be really easy for you.

Additionally, no herbal or home treatment will work for your lips if you are experiencing this problem due to dehydration. The only solution for lips dryness caused by dehydration is hydration. However, hydration will work for dry lips if you are experiencing dry lip due to some other reasons.

Drinking enough all day will help in preventing dryness of other body parts. Therefore, develop a routine to consume water in enough amounts. You can fathom the water amount that you need to drink regularly.

3. Shea Butter

The Shea tree is native to many African countries. This butter is an extract from shea tree nuts. People also call shea butter fat. The color of this butter is off-white. This ingredient, shea butter, is a major ingredient in many beauty products.

It has huge effects on the lips because it acts as a rich softener. When you apply shea butter to your lips it effectively makes your lips moisturized. Due to the buttery consistency of shea butter, you can also apply it to your dry scalp or other dry body parts for preventing overall dryness

Shea butter also has sun-screening properties that’s why it will help in protecting your lips from sunburns. These healthy, as well as effective benefits of shea butter, make it a great option for your lip care routine. In addition, you can also include it in other oils or balms to increase its efficacy for lips.

The Final Words!

Getting moisturized and beautiful lips remains a dream for many people. Because these people don’t recognize the causes of dry lips; therefore, they don’t take measures to get rid of dry lips. First know dry lip causes and then try remedies.

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