5 Best Storage Solutions for Your Tiny Kitchen

If you do not take up a kitchen remodel San Diego services, you might end up with a tiny kitchen. Cooking is supposed to be fun and not cluttered. It should make you happy, but a tiny kitchen makes it impossible not to bump into things and sharp corners and spill things. And that too while entertaining guests and handling kids. 

You need some genius storage solutions in your tiny kitchen to keep it airy and organized. Check out these fantastic ideas and make some space in your kitchen.

Drawers, Drawers, and Drawers

Never underestimate the power of drawers in your kitchen. Instead of making tall cabinets, get drawers. Under your kitchen countertop is the best place to install multiple drawers. You can stock up on spice jars there, your small kitchen utensils, cutlery, etc. It is also a great place for kitchen towels.

You can have versatile drawers. Some deep, some shallow, some partitioned for effective organization. Install them wisely. Consult a trusted kitchen remodel San Diego designer to design drawers; their insight will offer better solutions.

Make An Alcove

Hidden, genius alcoves can offer great space for the stuff you rarely use. If you have an awkward space, hide it behind a door, and add partitions. You can add shelves or larder trays to keep tinned and canned goods, heavy utensils, rarely used glassware, and other stuff you don’t regularly use in your kitchen. 

Pantry Organizers

Different-sized containers and pantry boxes take up most of the space in your kitchen. They also clutter up the area, so arrange them in pantry organizers and baskets. Invest in different baskets and assign them a cabinet in your kitchen. You can segregate them; for example, you can assign a box for cereals, one for nuts, seeds, and dry fruits, another one for spices, etc. Label them up and see how easy it becomes to make space in your kitchen. 

Get Cabinets

Cabinets can swallow up everything that clutters your kitchen. Consult your designer and install cabinets and cupboards. They hide everything, and a new fusion of style and convenience design offers you a permanent ladder in your kitchen. Yes, imagine a sleek-looking library-style sliding ladder in your kitchen. It adds character to your kitchen and offers convenience. You don’t need to find that stool or call your partner to get you that heavy pan you put in the upper cabinet.  

Make A Space Out of Your Kitchen

If you have kids or like to munch on snacks in the middle of the night, you must have a cabinet full of different jars with snacks. Now, remove this cabinet from your kitchen. You don’t need to get rid of your snacks but change the location of the cabinet. For example, you can place it outside your kitchen door or dining area. A glass-door cabinet will look inviting and tempting. You can also flaunt your glassware or kitchen art pieces in this cabinet and make it a fusion of taste and art. 

These five storage solutions are mind-blowing, easy to install, and will clear up significant space in your tiny kitchen. 

Apart from these, try out these organization tips to free up space in your kitchen.

  • Get free-standing furniture and install them in corners here and there. You can divide them into small spaces to keep your pantry stuff.
  • Portable kitchen islands are also a good option. You can use them for storage or kitchen islands based on your needs.  
  • Invest in versatile storage solutions. For example, corner cabinets or storage spaces can keep all the small stuff that lies here and there in the corners and clutters the space.
  • Wire up the space behind the doors and see how magically it turns into mass storage space. You can stack up spices, nuts, seeds, etc., and clear your kitchen counter.
  • Use the walls effectively and install open shelves. They can be used to organize pans and pots neatly.
  • Use the top of cabinets to keep extra stuff.
  • Organize your refrigerator. Get multi food storing bins to utilize the space effectively. Stack them up above another and see how it creates so much space in your refrigerator.

Final Words

It only takes thorough planning, undivided attention, and a few genius ideas to transform a tiny kitchen. Try out these storage solutions and tips to organize your kitchen and free up space. If you still find it hard, consult House to Home for a kitchen remodel in San Diego that makes cooking fun.