5 Perfect Gifts for the Friend Who’s Always on the Go

Do you have that one friend who’s always on the move? You check their social media profile and they’re snapping another photo at a busy lunch spot. Usually much farther than the one they dined at the day prior. We all have someone close who’s constantly seeking a new vibe or is just insanely busy. And those people may seem impossible to shop for. When their birthday is around the corner what will you buy them? Thinking practical and buying them a travel umbrella is a great start to getting the right accessory for that special someone. So here are five perfect gifts for the friend who’s always on the go.

  1. Windproof Umbrella
    If you have a friend that often travels, whether in their own city or across the globe. They will need a travel umbrella when they encounter inclement weather. Any travel umbrella just won’t do, you need to find one that is portable so it doesn’t take up much space in a bag or weigh down a person’s arm, it should also shield someone from rain, sun, and wind without easily breaking. Repel Umbrella has an amazing travel umbrella that is also extremely durable with a Teflon coating, a vented double canopy, and resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs. A good travel umbrella isn’t just a sensible gift, it can also be a fashion accessory with different colors and prints available to match your best friend’s fashion sense. 

2.Fast Charging Portable Power Bank

For any person that travels, having a way to charge their phone, laptop, or other devices can be crucial in keeping up with work. And life, or keeping the day’s soundtrack playing in their ears while on the go. A good power bank should have a few essential qualities such as multiple USB ports in different configurations, a slim profile that’s easy to store. And enough juice to fully charge a smartphone to full a few times over. Some power banks even have solar panels to keep them ready to go when needed, this definitely beats those slow-charging, often broken charging stations located at airport gates and bus terminals. So keep your friend’s status happy as they upload that selfie by making sure they have enough battery life to finish the day.

3. An Emergency Kit for Any Emergency

Looking for a do-it-yourself gift that is specific to the person receiving it? Then try an emergency kit. Of course, the typical emergency kit you’re thinking of has bandaids, gauze, and hydrogen peroxide; but we’re thinking about emergencies beyond getting a scrape on your knee. Think of a time when you were on the go and showed up to a date looking a bit less than presentable. Well with an emergency makeup kit like those sold at Ulta; you can make sure your bestie is a step ahead of forehead sweat and runny makeup. To make your own kit, get a travel toiletry bag and pack some essentials. For your gym rat buddy get a small deodorant, cooling wipes, and an electrolyte powder pack. For that friend who is always picture perfect. Fill her bag with her favorite lipstick, eyeliner, and a stain-removing pen to keep her looking right.

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

Your friend is always on the move, on a plane, on a train, or swiftly walking down a sidewalk. What makes constantly moving a bit more tolerable is having both a soundtrack and a way to conduct a phone call hands-free. Noise-canceling headphones are the perfect gift for someone who travels often enough to encounter loud, disruptive noise. To help them drown out the sounds of a teething baby sitting behind them. Choose either an in-ear bud or an on-ear headphone. Each style offers a different level of isolation and most come with a microphone that’s built-in so your friend can take your phone call.  In-ear buds are usually more affordable, smaller, and usually stay in place with movement. On-ear headphones are a bit larger than buds but with enough padding can be comfortable and offer similar isolation. Better sound quality, and styling depending on the brand. Prices can vary but brands like Raycon offer amazing bang for your buck that you can pass down to your best pal.

5. Easy-to-Store Foldable Jacket

When the weather changes your buddy may need more than a travel umbrella, that’s where foldable jackets come into play. Not meant to replace a warmer coat, easy-to-store foldable jackets fold into themselves and are compact enough to fit in most bags or backpacks. A light layer to warm up when the sun goes down after a long day on the go. A foldable jacket can be that essential travel item your friend didn’t know they needed.

6. Final Thoughts

Picking out a gift for that friend who’s always on the go can seem difficult but with so many amazing items from travel umbrellas, noise-canceling headphones, and power banks; you can pick the one that’s right for them. The five items listed above can be tailored to any person, lifestyle, style, and budget. So treat your friend to a gift that is not only practical but meaningful. They’ll be more than grateful when it comes in handy. Plus, making their birthdays special doesn’t always have to do with gifts, sometimes making their day special with flowers, cakes, and just spending the day with them (Especially since you do not get to do so always) can do wonders. Along with the gifts, you can also get the cake online from these online cake shops.

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