7 Common Myths About Animation

Myths about Anitalesn lie many myths around the industry for a long time. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of room for that to happen since people are not 100% aware of how animation works. This article will clear up the 6 Most Common Myths about Animation.

1. Animation Is Not a Serious Job:

There are many Animation studios worldwide, and many have full-time jobs as animators. They probably get paid well too. In 2022, the animation industry was worth around 400 billion USD, and the average animator has a salary of 60k$. People may consider this not serious or childish, but could you ask for more than using your talent to get paid well and enjoy yourself while doing it? In India, for example, the Animation industry is growing fast and has become a very relevant expertise. Countless people work there and make a decent living while drawing pictures or sitting behind a computer. Of course, the animation is challenging, so we will cover this myth in the next point.

2. Animation Is Easy:

Many people think animating is much easier than making a movie, but it might be the opposite. When making a movie, you must hold a camera that captures all of the scenes. Then, you just have to edit them and put them together at the end. You have to create every stage from scratch on your computer while animating. Even though 2D animation takes less time to create 3D animation, both can be very time and energy-consuming especially if you have to make everything from scratch (Characters, Script, Voiceover, Backgrounds, and Scenes). Most of the time, the animator does not do all the abovementioned things because it’s too much work. Instead, animators can hire freelancers to do Scripts or voiceovers for them. 

3. You Have To Be A Master Drawing Artist:

While some animators could consider this myth about animation accurate, you do not necessarily have to be a drawing master. Most of the 3D animation is complete without having to draw anything. Most of the work will use a computer to control the characters you are animating. Think of it as a puppet. While drawing is essential in various animation styles, it is undoubtedly one of the many ways to do it. If you still think it would be too hard for you or time-consuming but still want to do it, you can buy software bundles of characters, templates, animation presets, etc., to kickstart your journey.


4. Nobody Does Traditional Animation Anymore:

This myth about animation can be understood where it comes from, but it is still not entirely accurate.Of course, Computer Animation is much more common nowadays, but some studios still work with Traditional Animation techniques. It is also true that Computer Animation has many advantages, but some things a computer just cannot copy from a human style. Many traditional methods are still used in everything from commercial animation or explainer videos to full length movies. Even though Disney closed their Traditional Animation studio in 2013, traditional still isn’t dead.


5. Animation Is Too Expensive:

You might have heard that animation is a non-affordable and expensive service that most people can’t afford. Of course, that is partially a subjective concept that varies from person to person or from organization to organization. Indeed, Disney usually spends over $150 million to make a complete 1.5h movie. If you do the math, that is around $27.000 per SECOND. In fact, their most expensive Animated movie The Lion King, with a budget of $260 million. But lucky for you, you won’t have to spend nearly as much for average quality, like explainer videos for your business or videos for a YouTube channel.You can visit our Homepage, if you are in need of affordable Animation, Character design and Logo design services.You can also find good freelancers, who do not charge sky-high prices on Fiverr or Upwork for example. 

6. Video Length Is Not a Big Price Factor:

This myth about animation is more common than people would normally think. Stretching out a 1min video into 2min with the same budget is practically impossible. I would consider this as one of the biggest price factors, besides character inclusion and style.Most 2D animators charge their work “per minute”, as this is the easiest and fairest to all. When it comes to 3D, people usually charge “per second”, as these videos take even more time to make and every second in your video can raise your budget more, so be economical with your videos.For example, if you are creating an animated commercial or explainer video, you would want to keep it short. Not only because long videos are expensive, but people just don’t have long attention spans anymore. Keep it short and straight to the point. You can find more information about that in our blog post on How To Write Animation Scripts.  

7. You Should Work For A Big Studio:

While working for a big studio has many benefits, it is not needed at all to have a good pay grade or get loyal clients. Many freelancers, who only work on their chosen platforms have so much work, that they cannot take it in anymore. Best of all is, they get paid pretty well. Also, working for smaller studios can have big benefits too, for example they can give you more opportunities to expand your style and try to connect an actual personal relationship between them. Networking is also much easier. Remember that there is also an option to work remotely and not spend your day at an actual studio if you prefer not to. There are tons of people and studios that are looking for Animators to hire full-time, or freelance basis.
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