9 Activities that Will Boost the Creative Thinking Skills in Your Kid


Developing and nurturing creative thinking in kids has become an essential aspect of childhood growth and learning, and there are reasons for the same. Involving kids in activities that force them to think and produce results with their imagination and creativity is essential to their early learning. 

Understanding the Creative Thinking Skill Boosting Activities

Elementary schools and kindergartens are regularly evolving their practices and methods to help the child learn in the most conducive environment. Like One World International School is doing. If you are searching for an excellent international kindergarten school, check with OWIS. It is the best among Riyadh schools and offers inquiry-based and value-based development to your children in a safe and contributing environment. 

Let’s look at some fun yet engaging activities that will help in boosting the creative skills of your kids-

Sport Activities

 Involving your child in different sports activities will promote creative skills and self-confidence. Activities like baseball, soccer, football, basketball, swimming, martial art, and many others help your kid gain insights into problem-solving and real-life situations. If you are looking for international kindergarten school in Ryiadh the contact One World International School. 

Musical Activities

Music is another must-explore field when it comes to developing your kid’s creative thinking skills. In fact, according to the finding of scientists from the University of Southern California, there is a link between music and early childhood brain development.


Always encourage and try to involve the kids in crafts and play that will force them to think and create something. So, instead of giving them toy cars and dolls to just play along, give them different kinds of creative games like pottery, building blocks, and play dough. You will be amazed at how they can use the same set of toys and create new things every time!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle-solving improves children’s attention span, mental speed, short-term memory, and spatial awareness. Your kids will enjoy solving the puzzle with your help, which will also help them connect better and clear their doubts and thoughts through proper communication and interaction.


Start involving your kids in regular cooking activities wherever and whenever possible. It will boost your kids both creative and overall developmental skills. Simple activities like rolling dough, cracking eggs, mixing ingredients, and cutting vegetables under adult supervision will act as valuable tools to trigger creative thinking and understating in your kids.


What better game for your kids than chess? This board game has proven its effectiveness in developing logical and analytical thinking and enhancing creative skills among children. Children will learn the essence of planning and anticipation and how to strategize appropriately to achieve the desired result.

Unfold Endless Possibilities with Reading and Writing

Incorporating reading into their routine is the healthiest thing for the kids to do. Reading will allow them to know the unknown and open new creative dimensions for them. And writing contributes by enhancing attention, motor skill, hand-eye coordination, and discipline.

Learning New Languages

Learning a new language will help them creatively by allowing them to add new words to their vocabulary. Exposure to a new language also lets them know about different cultures, concepts, and customs prevalent worldwide. As well widens the scope of their knowledge and understanding.

Video Games and Digital Creativity

You can let your kids enjoy many exciting and education-based video games that involve solving puzzles and clearing a maze. Digital drawing and activities can help improve creative thinking and hand-eye coordination.

All these will eventually contribute to the overall creative development of your child. While enjoying these activities, they will learn new ways of communicating and expressing themselves. Make sure you understand your kid’s interests and select appropriate activities based on that. 

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