Aha vs Bigtime: Which Is A Better Project Management Tool?

Aha vs Bigtime Which Is A Better Project Management Tool

If you are looking for a project management tool to handle your projects, there are several options available to you. This article compares two popular solutions: aha software and Bigtime software. In addition to comparing their key features, this article also covers the differences between the two programs.

Aha Software

Aha software and Bigtime software are both similar project management tools and offer similar features. However, they have some differences. For example, Bigtime does not offer a free trial, and Aha charges a monthly license fee. Also, if you want premium support, you’ll have to pay an extra fee for that. Aha software is not as customizable as Bigtime, but it does have several integration options. In addition, you’ll probably need expert help to implement some of its features.

Aha software has many advantages. It can help you identify and track customer needs, allocate resources, and streamline workflows. It can even help you create detailed Gantt charts, and keep track of dependencies. Aha also allows you to set milestones and phases, and create pivot tables and reports. The tool can keep track of all of your project information and is great for agile and Scrum workflows.

Bigtime Software

BigTime and Aha software are both robust project management software solutions. Both offer cloud-based deployment options and feature sets geared toward project roadmapping and team collaboration. Although they offer similar features, they differ slightly in how they accomplish these tasks. Both are popular among development companies, nonprofits, and government contracting firms.

BigTime software helps professional service providers manage client relationships and resources. The software is used by clients to track more than $2B in client fees annually. Bigtime also allows users to track and manage invoices and payroll. The software supports both time-and-material and fixed-fee invoicing.

While both tools offer similar features and functionality, Aha is a bit more user-friendly. Aha also offers customer support, and its representatives are usually available within a few hours. Unlike BigTime, however, Aha doesn’t offer much customization. Though both offer integration options, you will likely need to hire an expert to implement these features.

Aha Software Features

The Aha software is a project management tool that tracks dependencies, measures timelines, and defines best practices. It supports agile and Scrum workflows and integrates with other popular project management tools. In addition, it provides users with an extensive set of customization options. Aha is a great choice for product managers who want to create a feature-rich product.

Aha! includes features that allow project managers to develop customer-centric business visions and manage a project roadmap. Users can easily assign to-dos, collaborate on the outcome of an idea, track dependencies, and expedite the approval process. It also helps project managers measure ROI for major initiatives and track the percentage of work done.

Bigtime Software Features

BigTime software helps teams become more productive and efficient by centralizing timesheets, project tasks, and reporting analytics. It helps corporations, service industries, and professional consultants track project timelines, budgets, and manpower. Each project has a defined deadline and a defined team composition. Proper management is essential to meeting that deadline and staying on budget.

BigTime offers several paid plans, including the BigTime Express plan, which costs $10 per user per month on annual billing. This plan includes time tracking, mobile access with auto sync, QuickBooks Online, Desktop integration, and a dashboard. The BigTime Pro plan adds additional features, including budgeting, expense tracking, and unlimited user-defined invoice types.

BigTime has a robust set of features to meet the unique needs of your business. It also simplifies integration with multiple applications and helps streamline project management and invoicing. It supports time and materials invoices and can integrate with QuickBooks Online, helping businesses to maintain accurate financials.


Both BigTime and Aha software can streamline projects for teams. Both products have a strong focus on project roadmapping and team collaboration. However, each offers different capabilities. BigTime is designed for project teams while Aha is suited for teams with multiple members, including those on the product team. Both tools also allow users to share roadmaps with coworkers and customers. Both products have their strengths and weaknesses, and you will want to consider these before deciding which one is best for your organization.

Using the Gantt chart in BigTime will help you manage projects and keep track of deliverables. You can also see when a deadline is approaching. Both software products have workflow management options that allow you to follow the processes of your team and communicate updates across the team. Both solutions provide project planning and management for multiple teams and are extremely useful for companies that need to communicate and collaborate on projects.

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