Benefits of Pursuing the CBSE Curriculum

CBSE Curriculum

The benefits of following the CBSE curriculum in international schools in Dubai are innumerable. First and foremost, it provides children with a strong foundation in both academic and non-academic subjects. This makes them well-rounded individuals who can thrive in any environment. Additionally, the CBSE curriculum is highly respected by universities worldwide, making your child eligible for scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. Last but not least, the curriculum is adaptable, so it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each school or classroom.

Features of the CBSE Curriculum 

  1. Give pupils a lot of opportunity to grow physically, intellectually, and socially 
  1.  Foster life skills by recommending extracurricular and curricular activities to boost one’s sense of self-worth, empathy for others, and knowledge of many cultures
  1. Merges technology advances with innovations in pedagogy, knowledge, and application to keep up with the trends across disciplines 

4) Encourages inclusive education by giving all pupils equal chances 

5). Incorporates environmental education into several subjects

6). Equally emphasizes the co-curricular areas like arts, physical education and other activities.

Why choose International Schools in Dubai ?

In addition to the curriculum, the culture, environment, infrastructure, and several other amenities are all priorities in a Dubai CBSE school. Because of this, students seeking a top-notch education and exposure to a variety of extracurricular activities in school may consider attending a CBSE school in Dubai.

Pursuing the CBSE curriculum in an international school offers a wealth of opportunities that go beyond what your typical school can offer. In Dubai, specifically, there are many benefits to pursuing the CBSE curriculum, including increased global awareness and fluency, access to top-tier educational facilities, and opportunities for cultural immersion. Additionally, many employers here require students seeking internships or jobs in their field to have taken and passed the CBSE board exams. So if you’re looking for a rigorous education with global appeal, consider pursuing the CBSE curriculum at an international school in Dubai


If you are looking for the CBSE curriculum in an international school in Dubai, look no further than the Global Indian International School(GIIS) . Along with the CBSE, GIIS also adapts to the 9 GEMS pedagogy that is based on the philosophy that children should learn holistically and improve in every aspect of their life and not just in academics.

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