Camping Sites in UAE

Camping Sites in UAE

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is a country that signifies dreams, deluxe, diamonds, as well as deserts. UAE is popular for its enchanting deserts and fun desert activities, dubai tourist visa fees for 30 days. Camping is a fun activity that many people like to do when going to the UAE. The locals also enjoy this. When looking for camping spots in UAE, there are many options present. You can enjoy a relaxing camping experience here.

Key points:

  • If you want to camp for a short time you will not need a permit but if you want to do this for some duration, you will have to get a permit
  • Camping sites can be found across different countries in the UAE
  • The camping sites mostly have amenities available

Permits to camp

You do not need a permit if you want to pursue short-term camping in Dubai. Those who want to camp for more time, then these are only allowed in Wadi Al Amerdi, Wadi Al Shabak, Al Khawaneej, as well as Al Warqa in Dubai. It is only Emiratis or Emirates ID Holders who are able to apply. You will need your car registration, passport along with Emirates ID to apply.

Top Camping Sites in UAE

Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai

One of the best camping sites in UAE includes the Al Qudra Lakes. These are found about a 30-minute drive from the Mall of Emirates. This is a popular camping spot. It provides two distinct settings. One side is like a desert and the other is like a breathtaking oasis.

So, Al Qudra Lakes are surrounded by sand dunes and wild camels making it a spectacular area to go to. Thus, camping here is amazing if you are alone or even with some friends or family members. You will find the perfect scenery which looks like it is directly from a book. One can spend time admiring the magnificent swans and flamingoes present close to the water. They can take in the beauty of nature present.

Al Dhafra Beach in Abu Dhabi

This can be said to be one of the top camping spots in Abu Dhabi. Al Dhafra Beach is found residing upon the fringes of Abu Dhabi. It is a desert campsite found in the UAE. It is possible to serenely camp close to the sea. Here you can view turtles and other beautiful sea life.

Al Dhafra Beach is also a top location present for water sports like diving, snorkeling, as well as kayaking. You can fish over here and enjoy the tasty grilled fish on your BBQ grill. You will see that the water is perfect and you can take wonderful photographs here.

Fossil Rock in Sharjah

This is surrounded by golden dunes and is a perfect site where huge groups along with youngsters can enjoy themselves. It is possible to go dune bashing as well as off-roading in the 4×4. Those who love dune buggying at Fossil Rock, you should check out the Camel Rock. This location tends to be really appealing to tourists as it is near to civilization and still away from the busy UAE. This is why it gives an amazing experience.

Dubai weekenders like going here and it is a popular place to camp. It is near to the city and is perfect for those who are first-time campers as well as huge families. You can use a 4×4 to navigate across the dunes. Enjoy dune-bashing. When you reach Fossil Rock site, you can walk around here to find the best spot. You may set up the camp and take out your food to enjoy yourself in the desert, 48 Hours Transit Visa.

Jebel Al Jais in Ras AL Khaimah

This is one of the best camping site in Ras AL Khaimah and is known as the “Grand Canyon of Oman”. It is said to be the tallest mountain found in the UAE. The scenic views that you can find here are totally amazing. You can hike up to enjoy the amazing viewpoints. It is possible to admire the canyon of mountains. Here the hiking track is a simple one that is relatively really flat. It is simple to climb this also.

When it is sunrise and sunset, it is possible for campers to gaze out at the huge valleys along with mountains. If you wish to lie under the starry night sky, this is a good location to do this. You will be able to create some unforgettable moments with your loved ones here.

Hajar Mountains in Oman

If you are looking for a camping area that has stunning sand dunes along with imposing rock formations, plus epic summits, consider the Hajar Mountains. These tend to be evenly spread out particularly between Oman as well as the UAE. These mountains provide one with an enviable camping experience.

You should have your hiking along with trekking gear present with you as you will have to trek prior to locating the perfect spot where you can pitch the tent. The camping trip is often liked by experienced campers who have actually taken part in previous mountain treks. If you want to view the UAE’s wildlife, this is the place to go to.

Bedouin Camp in Dubai

This is one of the best camping sites in UAE with facilities and has marvelous sand dunes. It tends to be miles away from some human civilizations. You may have heard of the Bedouin Camp, i.e. a desert-dwelling community which travels through the desert. This is said to be a luxurious camping group and has all the civic amenities.

When it comes to the camp, this covers a range of activities, like belly dance shows, adventure activities, etc.

From the above you can see that there are indeed some amazing camping sites in the UAE. You can indeed enjoy yourself camping here. If you want to visit the UAE, you can get a visa from Dubai Transit Visa  for instance. You can travel to these countries and enjoy the range of activities present here for all. But make sure that you have your visa with you and you follow all the rules on this.


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