CBC Test: Purpose, Procedure, Report & Price

CBC is one of the most common blood tests that screens for several disorders affecting your health. The test can help determine if there is any decrease or increase in blood cell counts. The standard values vary greatly depending on the patient’s gender and age.

The lab reports can tell whether the parameters are in the normal value range, considering the gender and age of the patient. Besides that, the CBC test can diagnose a diverse range of conditions, right from cancer to infection and anemia. Let’s learn more about the CBC test price, its procedure, and various other things from this post.

Why is the CBC Test Ordered?

The physician will order a CBC test in the form of a routine check-up or when you have unexplained symptoms, such as bruising or bleeding. But why is it necessary? Here are the reasons behind it:

  • Evaluate the Overall Health: Countless physicians will order the CBC test to get a baseline view of their patient’s health. The test will also help the healthcare professional screen other health issues.
  • Diagnose a Health Issue: The physician might suggest the CBC when experiencing symptoms like bleeding, weakness, fever, bruising, tiredness, redness, and swelling.
  • Monitor your Treatment: Some medical treatments can easily affect blood counts. Due to such reasons, a CBC test will always be needed. According to the CBC, the physician will easily evaluate how well the treatment is working.
  • Monitor the Health Issue: The doctor will regularly order CBCs to monitor the patient’s condition when diagnosed with a condition or disorder that affects the blood cell counts.

Is the CBC a Definitive Test?

Though it is the most popular one, no one can say it is a concrete and definitive result. The diagnosis has a percentage margin (which is often negligible).

The physicians come to any conclusion after analysing the CBC and other blood tests. If the results are not conclusive, they might recommend a few other tests.

For instance, if you are healthy and the blood count is slightly higher than the normal range, it is not alarming. But the results might show an incredibly higher count if you’re undergoing cancer treatment. In this case, you might have to alter the treatment plan.

In certain cases, when the results are below or above the standard ranges, the physician might refer to a physician who is an expert in blood-related disorders.

What Exactly Do the CBC Test Results Mean?

The test outcomes might differ greatly based on a patient’s blood cell count. The table below will give you an idea about the standard results for adults. But remember, different labs will provide you with different outcomes.

The Blood ComponentNormal or Standard Levels
Red Blood CellsIn Women: 3.90 to 5.03 million cellsIn Men: 4.32 to 5.72 million cells
HematocritIn Women: 34.9 to 44.5 PercentIn Men: 38.8 to 50.0 Percent
HemoglobinIn Women: 120 to 155 grams/LIn Men: 135 to 175 grams/L
Platelet Count150,000 to 450,000/mcL
White Blood Cell Count3500 to 10,500 cells/mcL

Conditions That Cause Abnormal CBC

There are several types of conditions that can lead to abnormal CBC. Due to such reasons, you have to opt for additional tests. These conditions are:

  • Heart Disease
  • Iron or Other types of Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Cancer
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Bone Marrow Issues
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Inflammation or Infection
  • Reaction to Medication

When the test results show abnormal CBC levels, make sure to consult with your physician. They might recommend another blood test to confirm the outcomes. The doctor might order further tests to evaluate the condition and confirm the proper diagnosis.

What is the Price of a CBC Test?

The CBC test price ranges between INR 300 to INR 550. But the charges can be a lot more or less as it will rely on the metropolis you live in. Before you opt for the test, get an idea of the price from your healthcare provider. They will surely give you more details on the price so you can get the test done according to your budget.

Ending Words

A CBC test plays an important role in detecting various diseases and disorders at the early stage. Experienced and skilled professionals conduct the test, which helps physicians detect any increase or decrease in blood count. When you’re planning to take the test, prepare for it and speak with the healthcare expert to learn more about it.

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