Common Facebook Business Page Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Most professionals and businesses have a Facebook account that allows them to interact with their customers and audience. Many brands make mistakes that don’t allow them to achieve the desired results.

Make a personal page, not a company one

Businesses and companies make the common mistake of using their profiles to market their products or services.

  • Enhance your brand image. A client may not visit your company page with high-quality images and information about the business as if it were to visit your page. Clients have different perceptions of brand image.
  • You can use your company page to run Facebook Ads campaigns. These are vital to be known to a wider audience and be able to offer your products or services.
  • You can have an unlimited amount of fans, whereas a personal profile has a limit.
  • Manage roles if your page will be managed by professionals without needing to provide your password.


The URL of your Fanpage should not be modified

Although it is optional, I recommend you change the URL. Your Facebook presence will improve and it will be easier for potential customers and customers to find and remember it. You also prevent any other person or company from using your brand name. Ask your Digital Specialist to help you with this.


Uncaring profile

A company page must be well-organized and complete if you are going to create one. Imagine visiting the shoe store’s page and finding that the cover photo and profile photo are blurred.

You can also go to the page to find out more information, such as their phone number and where they are located.


Posting unsuitable or useless content

Facebook pages are prone to excessive self-hype and postings about products and promotions. Facebook’s purpose is not only to increase sales but also to build a community.

If you do not, your audience will become bored and either stop following you completely or quit following you altogether.


Interacting with followers is not enough

Communication is a key reason why companies should be on social media. Social media offer you a chance to communicate with your customers, something that is difficult until now. This allows us to get valuable feedback from customers about our products and services.


Don’t answer or take too long to reply to messages and comments

This is another common mistake and I believe it is one of the most serious mistakes a brand can make on its FanPage. If a user spends a lot of time asking questions, you should spend some time answering his question.

Consider that the majority of clients use social networks to ask questions and expect a quick response. People who have commented on your social media networks expect you to respond within 24 hours.

If you take longer, you may be disqualified from future interactions.


Post content irregularly

You must maintain consistency in your publications when using social networks. It is not a good idea to post one time and then wait a month. You will create the impression that you are abandoning the page. Many users won’t follow you and won’t bother to interact with you.


Followers available for purchase

The idea is that a brand’s followers are the most important thing. What good is having 90,000 followers if only five people interact with your posts every day?


Don’t take advantage of Facebook Ads advertising

Facebook Ads are the best way to make your brand visible on Facebook. This is still the preferred digital advertising medium by companies because of its segmentation capability and its price. It is also much less expensive than Google Adwords. Facebook has millions of users. This means that you can reach many potential customers.


Don’t pay attention to the statistics provided by social media networks.

Facebook Insights provides interesting statistics about your page. These statistics can help you determine if your strategy works and what your goals are. Many companies don’t know how to interpret this data properly and fail to pay attention.

Once you are familiar with Facebook Insights, you’ll be able to see how your page is performing and you can improve your strategy.



There are many common errors that companies make when creating Facebook pages. You can create a Facebook page if you already have one or you plan to. But, you should take the time to make sure you are aware of these mistakes.

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