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Do you want to buy elegantly designed custom boxes at a budget-friendly cost? We are offering CMYK and PMS-designed custom belt boxes at an economical price without extra charges. Small-order printing costs more than bulk. That’s why wholesale is an excellent opportunity to save your money. Also, get the benefit of end season sale before its end.

Hard wearing Custom belt boxes material:

We highly recommend using heavy-duty rigid material boxes for belt packaging. These boxes are highly protective and impressible. The rigid material is used chiefly for luxurious items and is expensive but ideal for durable packaging. If you want economical custom belt boxes, then use durable cardboard material for belt boxes wholesale. Your extra stock can be wasted if the boxes are non-recyclable. But cardboard and rigid material boxes are 100% recyclable. We never compromise on quality. That’s why you find a hundred percent perforations-free pure, durable, and flexible cardboard and rigid material after recycling. That’s the main difference between iCustom boxes material and other packaging solutions material.

Custom belt boxes styling guidelines:

We offer you full authority to choose any box style for any product packaging. For custom belt boxes, you can use a two-piece box style. It is easy to assemble and frequently used in belt packaging. The second option is sleeve and tray box style. It consists of a double tray wall, making it easy to pull in and out. Use the telescopic box style to keep the belts in a vertical position. It can be customized in the sleeve, tuck front, and two-piece box style.

Four essential add-ons for custom belt packaging:

1. Custom cardboard and foam inserts:

The belts are included in luxurious items. It should be outstanding outside as well as internally equally. Keep custom inserts to present the strap in an aesthetic and sophisticated position. You can keep the inserts white. It saves your inside printing cost. Or do beige or 24k gold printing on the custom cardboard inserts and inside.  We also have custom polythene foam inserts in charcoal, black, and grey. And pink and charcoal in ESD foam. If you want different colors like blue, purple, yellow, etc., use luxurious EVA foam insets.

2. Protect leather belts and buckles with die-cut window:

Most belt buckles are made up of titanium and zinc alloy, which gets black or dull with time because of environmental factors. Also, leather which a timeless material. You can customize the die-cut window to keep belts in pristine condition without opening. We cover the die-cut window with a flexible PVC sheet. The buyer can easily select his favorite leather belt without opening the custom belt box. More it is ideal for shop displays and increasing the belt box grace. You can highlight die-cut borders with

Metallic stamp foiling
CMYK or PMS color schemes designed borders

3. Hot foil stamping for brand logos presentation:

Enhance your brand logo grace on a custom belt box with hot foil stamping. It gives a gleaming effect to the luxurious packaging design or artwork. And available in all sparking shades, but golden and silver and is used chiefly and demanded. The gold stamp foiling gives a rich goldish shine to the brand logo. And silver stamp foiling gives a sparking moonish shine. Both are highly recommended for luxurious packaging.

4. Embossing and debossing for detailing brand logo:

You can highlight by raising the designed image or logo with embossing. Or you can create depth in the logo or design with debossing. Both are economical and versatile. We use dies and plates in debossing. That’s the reason it costs less than embossing. You can combine both with stamp foiling for a more elegant look. If you want to examine some design samples, we can send you. Or you can take help from our design experts’ team for better suggestions.

Order now for special custom belt boxes:

Are you excited to buy custom belt boxes from iCustomBoxes wholesale? We are honored to serve you. You can request a free quote at our web page If you face any shipment location or online transaction error, frequently contact our customer service representatives. Get our numbers on the website’s home screen. You can direct call, what’s an app, or live chat with us. Or do email at We will frequently answer you in working time.

Guidelines for requesting a quote:

  • Click on request quote.
  • Write your full name and Email address
  • Note down the available number
  • Select paper stock
  • Choose box style
  • Write dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Select inches (Qt1, Qt2)
  • Write the product name (e.g., belt, shoe, cake)
  • comment down for add-ons

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