DAHUA 2MP WiFi Active Alarm Camera

DAHUA is famous for its innovative design and latest advancement in the CCTV camera and other security product fields. Why does it have the second-highest market share in the world? According to me, the answer to this question is that it has grasped the market share at the second position in the world due to its innovation, advancement, and highly featured product at a very low price as compared to other brands made in the USA, SWEDEN and many other European countries. One of the advanced and featured products is going to be discussed here. Wifi camera technology is one of my favorite technologies in the CCTV camera field.

I love this because of its installation process. Wifi IP camera installation is a very simple installation task. It does not require long wire laying, connector punching, and PoE switch installations. “IP security camera price in Lahore  Pakistan” is being offered at a low price due to China products.

DAHUA Active Alarm Camera specifications 

First of all, let’s look at this camera’s model. The model of this camera is IPC-C26EN. This is an active alarm camera coming under the Dahua LincX2PRO camera series. This camera is equipped with passive IR motion detection. We called it an active alarm camera because it will sound its siren when it detects any intruder. A spotlight is also installed in it. When it detects an intruder, it turns on its spotlight with a siren. As you must be familiar, DAHUA is famous for its innovative product. It provides the most compatible products in its operation, unlike other brands with uni function NVR and DVR.

 This camera is also compatible with DAHUA NVR and HDCVR like X5, X7, and X82 DVRs. These features make IP camera installation at low WIFI “CCTV camera price in Pakistan.” The online application for this camera is gDMSS, and “DMSS plus” is available on the google play store and apple store, respectively. This IPC-C26EN is designed on ingress IP 65. It is a good feature camera for indoors and outdoors as well. You can use this camera for surveillance at homes, offices, small retail, and dining establishments. 

“IP security camera price in Lahore” Pakistan is gaining the attention of buyers due to highly advanced features and simple IP camera installation for technical teams. This camera is 2 megapixels. Also, it has a microphone for voice recording. Compression codec H.265 is integrated, which greatly reduces bandwidth and storage. As we have discussed before, it has a built-in microphone, and this camera is also equipped with speakers. Its wifi strength is 2.4 GHz having an IEEE802.11b/g/n standard frequency band. This camera also has 100 meters of open field wifi equivalent to 328 ft. 

DAHUA IPC WIFI CCTV camera price in Pakistan

I believe WIFI cameras are very important in their ease of use and beautiful installation style. If you want the best CCTV product on your premises, you have to spend a little extra money. This WIFI CCTV camera price in Pakistan starts from 159.9 dollars. But this is a unique item, and some of you may need it on demand. IP cameras Pakistan is now on an advanced step due to low-price manufacturing by china.


WIFI technology used in CCTV cameras is getting the attention of every end user. WIFI camera usage is easy and in demand in the market. So Dahua has decided to launch a separate domain in the market known as IMOU SERIES. The features I have discussed of the above mention camera are now available at a cheap price in the market. Imou is giving at a low price.

CCTV Camera price in Lahore is cheaper just because of the time series. THE WIFI CCTV Camera price in Lahore is remarkably low. The same feature camera is 12500 rupees. So imou winning the battle of wifi cameras market share. The next era is obviously of wifi-based on products. So if we are discussing these cameras and their demand. We are moving in the right direction. This all process of innovation making CCTV Camera price in Lahore and other worlds lower and affordable.

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