Do Patriot Campers Live Up to Their Price Tag?

patriot campers

Travelling is not just a hobby anymore; it has become a lifestyle for many people. For the different needs of travellers, a wide range of campers are there that they use for travelling. Patriot Campers are much preferred vehicles among them. Patriot Campers have been all the rage in the RV community for years too. They’re top-of-the-line campers that are built to last, and they’re priced accordingly. But do they live up to their price tag? Let’s understand the reasons why they do so.

patriot campers

Exterior Build:

The build quality of Patriot campers is one of the best in the industry producing different types of campers. Their fibreglass exterior shell has been reinforced with ABS plastic, making it more durable and able to withstand impact. The overall shape of the camper is rectangular, giving you an open feeling when inside.

It’s also worth it that their windows are large and well-insulated to keep out cold air while letting in plenty of natural light during daytime hours. The roof has a high ceiling which adds to the spaciousness of each unit and makes them easier to move around in than some other models on the market today.


Patriot Campers are equipped with custom suspension systems. The solid axle, coil spring suspension, leaf spring suspension, and torsion bar suspension allow you to drive your camper off-road or on the highway without any hassle.

Interior Build:

The interior of the Patriot camper is spacious with room for up to eight people. While there are two slide-out beds, you can use the larger one for adults and children who need more space. The smaller bed is best suited for kids or younger children. Or, you can use them at your convenience.

The interior storage area is all so very specious that consists of a wardrobe closet and three drawers under each dinette seat. These are sufficient to store personal belongings during travel and have enough room in which you don’t feel claustrophobic!

The kitchenette features two burner stove tops and plenty of storage space above and below them within the countertop itself. There’s also an 18-gallon refrigerator with a freezer that holds ice cubes well without melting too quickly or losing its contents due to leakage through cracks in its plastic casing which happens quite often on lower-end RVs.

Setup and Pickup:

Patriot Campers’ strong frame makes setup and packing up a breeze. There is no need for hooks or straps and no trailer is required. You can tow it with any vehicle, though keep in mind that your vehicle must be able to handle the weight of a loaded camper. The best part is that you can be packed up in under 10 minutes.


Can you get a camper with these features in the $20,000 range? Don’t think it is exciting if there are any campers that price that and fit all your needs.

However, the Patriot camper starts at $20,000 and there are so many varieties of different prices that basically depend on the facilities provided. The more expensive options include a generator and water heater. You can choose from two different lengths and they are 16 or 19 feet and the longer one will cost more than the shorter one. There are also two-floor plans to choose from that correspond to each length of the camper.

Patriot Campers live up to their price tag:

There is nothing to deny about the fact that Patriot Campers are a bit expensive but at the same time you get what you pay for, and Patriot Campers live up to their price tag. They’re well built, durable, easy to set up, and pack down and have a great suspension system that can easily handle anything from rocky terrain to smooth asphalt roads.

The interior is also well-built. The tent has ample storage space, which can be accessed both inside and outside. But there are also various configurations depending on your needs – whether that’s room for a child’s cot or ample space for cooking in inclement weather! You get a lot for your money when buying this brand!

patriot campers


 As with everything, it is a good idea to do some research before making your final decision about the type of patriot camper you need to buy. As the various models provide various facilities, it is better to decide first and then invest in purchasing the right patriot camper.

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