7 Practical Ways You Can Ace your Duolingo English Test Preparation

Duolingo English Test Preparation

With Duolingo being the preference among top universities, more students are opting for Duolingo English Test Preparation in India. What makes the test more appealing is it just takes one hour long, and you can just do the test at the comfort of your home. You do not need to take it to the testing centres. Now the point comes to how to prepare for the Duolingo English test. Indian students are also not familiar with the pattern of the Duolingo test.

Read this blog, so you can ace your next Duolingo test.

Take a walkthrough on a Duolingo test

Getting on the field, you must first understand what you are dealing with. So you can watch a quick walk through video that you can easily avail of on the Duolingo test website. You will easily be able to pick key information on how exactly the test works in the 3-minute video. Have you will a proper understanding of what some of the questions can look like and also how to register for the exam. 

Take a sample test of Duolingo

Go to their website, where you will find a free Duolingo sample test that takes about 8 minutes to complete. The sample questions and samples will help you familiarise yourself with the test. Its approximate result for your performance can help you understand your level so you may prepare accordingly. No two Duolingo tests can be exactly the same. Also impossible to prepare without the help of the sample exam.

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Get familiar with computer adaptive Testing (CAT)

After you answer a Duolingo test correctly, you can see that the next question will be a bit more challenging. If you fail to answer the question correctly, the next one will be a little easier. They will design the questions by studying your current level. The test functions in this way to help you better understand your true level as an English speaker. You need not worry in case you get a difficult question. It will just mean that we are doing really well.

Prepare your testing environment

You are going to take your Duolingo test online from your computer at home, you need to ensure you have everything you need per their rules.

Here are the necessary items you must have with you:

  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • A government-issued photo
  • The compatible browser and internet connection
  • Font-facing camera equipped on the computer

Never leave it for the last minute

Make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for the Duolingo test. At atleast one month before the date of the exam. This way, you can avoid stress. You will give your brain enough time to digest new information. And if you do not feel ready for the test, simply appear for the next date. You do not need to worry about this as there is no need to book in advance here.

Get familiar with the test day rules

You are going to take the Duolingo English test from your home, you will have to follow certain rules and regulations. Here are some of the important rules to stay ahead:

  • Choose a quiet area with good lighting
  • There should be an uninterrupted time period of more than an hour
  • Your computer or laptop must be equipped with proper speakers, a built-in-front facing webcam and a microphone. They do not allow microphones to avoid any sort of cheating.
  • A strong internet connection and  proper browser that works with the test
  • Your ears should be clearly visible and unobscured
  • No one other than you is permitted in the room
  • Zero communication with anyone else
  • You should not be looking away from the screen for any significant time
  • No textbooks, mobile devices, notes or any outside materials are allowed

Prepare to showcase yourself

The Duolingo English Test will include a writing portion and a video interview. The results of both of these tests will be shown at your university. This opportunity well since you are giving international admissions staff a chance to learn more about you. For each video interview, you will be given choices of two questions and the writing sample.You will require speaking from one minute to three minutes and then write up to five minutes. You don’t need to worry incase you get stuck. They have a timer that will keep track of you. Now take a deep breath and go on answering the question as best as you can

The Duoling English Test is one of the important admission requirements for international applicants. These tips are perfect to make abroad plan come true for Indian students.

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