Fastest Growing Health-tech Companies Healing Humanity With Technology

health tech companies

In this world, the celestial body is the only thing a person comes with, and keeping it to its best health is the person’s responsibility only. However, despite best practices, getting access to medical advice or aid often becomes hard.

An earlier study published in the online journal estimated that inadequate healthcare causes the deaths of about 6 million individuals in developing nations each year. However, health tech companies are working round the clock to bridge the gap and provide easy access to healthcare advice, pharmacy aid, and other support.

In this blog, we will discuss growing health-tech companies that serve mankind in their unique ways.


Cognihab is a virtual reality firm that is solely committed to providing VR solutions integration of healthcare to improve patient treatment experiences. This health-tech company also aids in the redesign of rehabilitation programs for improved outcomes. A variety of VR suites are available from Cognihab that can be helpful in different ways. Modern virtual reality technology can treat a variety of eye and mobility impairments as well as cancer rehabilitation both before and after chemotherapy.

The key suites provided include those for cerebral palsy, autism, spinal cord damage, cancer rehabilitation, and eye therapy. Each of these rooms was designed so patients could easily use them at home.


Through cutting-edge analytics and transparent, accurate, and clean data, leading healthcare data activation platform, Innovaccer Inc. is committed to providing more effective and efficient healthcare. The company offers a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze health data. Healthcare establishments utilize the product to regulate population health. The company has developed a data activation cloud-based platform to gather, research, and disseminate patient health information. The three of InNote’s four products, InConnect, InGraph, and InCare, each have a unique feature set.


Currently one of the largest online pharmacies in India, NetMeds serves a million patients. This online pharmacy offers prescription medicine and other medical supply delivery services. Netmeds was one of the first companies to start selling prescription medications online through their web store. They also offer wellness, laboratory, and pediatric care items. With over 3 million downloads, their app is currently one of the most popular startups to democratize medicine.

A number of licensed pharmacists who work for Netmeds also gather and digitize handwritten prescriptions. Thanks to this, customers may now order medication and get it on time.


This health-tech company is being incubated under the Microsoft Accelerator program. The startup’s initial focus was on developing results that were adaptable to current eating, exercising, and lifestyle patterns. It provided tailored wellness services to healthcare and business service providers.
The company currently provides personalized nutrition tracking services and workout programs. It also provides a continuous glucose monitor, which works with the app to show how the body metabolizes different foods. The company also sells a smart scale that provides more precise weight and body composition data.

The Microsoft Accelerator program supports this health-tech company’s incubation. The startup’s first focus was developing results that could be altered to match existing exercise, eating, and lifestyle patterns. It provided specialized wellness services to healthcare providers and business service providers.
The company currently provides individualized training programs and nutrition monitoring services. The app also provides a continuous glucose meter and how the body reacts to various diets. The company also sells a smart scale that provides more precise weight and body composition data.


Practo, a telemedicine and practice management platform is one of India’s most established healthcare enterprises. This health-tech firm is one of the rare types that provide services to specific doctors. It primarily functions as a doctor directory. Patients can view online profiles of doctors and make appointments with them. Patients gain from teleconsultation through video chats as well.

It is a subscription-based technology that aids medical practitioners in managing their practices and reputations. Furthermore, the program aids in the organization of prescriptions and drug purchases. Practo was one of the first companies to provide telemedicine to India. Its commitment to matching patients with qualified medical experts has not wavered.


Docplexus, a one-of-a-kind online clinical platform, believes that the more informed doctors are, the better decisions they may make. This health-tech company focuses on building a doctor community to develop more knowledgeable doctors.

Docplexus allows clinicians to stay current on academic achievements and medical approaches being researched or produced and debate them with other doctors in the community. It now has over 2.75 million registered users. The central focus of this company is on doctors, enabling them to make better patient decisions.


In this article, we will briefly examine health tech companies that are helping people in many ways. Some firms like Cognihab focus on anxiety reduction and rehab using VR, and others like Practo connect patients with specialist doctors. Medicines and healthcare practitioners are only a fingertip away. These health-tech companies are meeting the needs of healthcare professionals by providing them with technology space.

Without a doubt, the technological revolution is revolutionizing healthcare for the better.

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