Top 7 Best Free Social Streaming Platforms In 2023

Free Social Streaming Platforms

Live streaming services are becoming mainstream. The live stream is the best way to host an event. There are a lot of live-streaming services. But social media live streaming is becoming popular because social media offers free streaming services. Social media platforms have a huge audience. In this article, we are mentioning the top 7 best free social streaming platforms in 2023. From Facebook to Twitch we have some amazing social media platforms on our list for live streaming

Top 7 Free Social Media Streaming Platforms 

1. Facebook 

Facebook is a platform with numerous users. It is the social media platform with the most number of users in the world. Facebook recently has upgraded a lot and now it also provides the feature of Facebook live streaming. Live streaming on this platform is free, users don’t have to pay extra money to use the live streaming feature of Facebook. 

Live streaming on Facebook doesn’t need much. All you need to have is a Facebook profile, a Facebook page or a group, and a topic or event you want to live stream. 

With Facebook, you can automatically save and share your live video. Users can engage in real-time during a live Facebook streaming session, they can use reactions, emoticons, likes, and even send a comment for engagement. You can schedule your event in advance on the Facebook event wall.

2. Twitter

The next and another popular social networking platform is Twitter. Twitter is a platform that can provide you with every necessary information, you will know what’s happening around the world, and what’s trending, from news to entertainment it can provide you with everything. Twitter also offers free live-streaming services. With Twitter’s media studio producers you can create a top-notch live stream on Twitter. 

If your target audience is on Twitter it can be a perfect platform for live streaming your event, because it is free and it has some features like live tweets that can help you connect with your audience.

3. Instagram 

The next social media platform that offers free live-streaming services is Instagram. Instagram is the most popular platform for posting high-quality images and videos. A lot of users like to share their life on Instagram.  

Instagram is not just a post-posting social media platform it has become more than that. You can live stream on Instagram, you can shop, advertise and post videos on Instagram. Today Instagram has a lot to offer. 

You will find a lot of Gen Z audiences on Instagram. Instagram is an easy-to-use platform. You can live stream your event on Instagram with some interactive tools. With Instagram you can also add more people to your live stream, your audience can ask questions, and send reactions and now they can also join you in the live session. These reasons make Instagram live a popular choice among brands and organizations. You can also save and share you live stream on your Instagram profile.

4. Zoom 

Zoom is a platform that became popular during the pandemic. Today when you want to host a live event, webinar, or conference that too for free chances are zoom is the platform that will cross your mind. Zoom can offer on-demand videos which make it stand out from other free live-streaming service providers. You can host a live meeting on zoom with as many as 1000+ people and that too in HD quality. Zoom video quality is top-notch for live-streaming sessions. You can live chat with your audience, it also has a raise hand feature for promoting engagement during the live session. With zoom, you host a training session, an online class, or even an event. 

5. Youtube 

Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform. Youtube is a perfect platform for videos. Every day a lot of videos are watched and uploaded on youtube, which makes it the perfect live-streaming platform. With youtube, you can monetize your live streaming. You can also run paid ads in between your live-streaming sessions. The plus point of youtube is it doesn’t charge a single penny for its streaming service and it’s a huge platform through which you can stream any kind of event be it for brand promotion, event launch, etc. 

With youtube you can make your events bigger and better, it allows you to use an encoder, and a web camera. With youtube live streaming you can reach and interact with a global audience.

6. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a platform that a lot of professionals like to choose. It is a platform where you can meet a lot of career-oriented people. There is one restriction on LinkedIn, not everyone can live stream on LinkedIn, for live streaming on this platform you will have to send a request to LinkedIn Live Video Access Criteria. You and your LinkedIn page need access to the platform for live streaming. LinkedIn also offers tips and best practices to host a live stream that can be successful.

LinkedIn allows participants an option to submit their questions regarding the event before a live session. You can also advertise your live event or streaming session on LinkedIn.  

7. Twitch 

Twitch is the platform that offers live streaming mostly for gaming and lifestyle. It is one of the most popular platforms that offer live-streaming services. 

Twitch allows all its users to host a live streaming session or event, the platform also offers the option of revisiting your previous live streaming sessions. For engagement, participants can ask questions, and send gifts; event organizers can also maintain audience participation with the help of bots. 

The Bottom Line  

This is the wrap, we have mentioned some of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc, that you might want to consider for hosting a live streaming session. 

You can use all these above-mentioned platforms for hosting live learning sessions, promotions, meetings, conferences, webinars, and even just for interaction and communication. Social media platforms are great for live streaming, you don’t have to pay and social media live streaming you will be able to build a strong social media presence.

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