GAN Speed Cube

GAN Speed Cube

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you will find that the GAN speed cube is an ideal tool for solving the puzzles that matter most to you. Its innovative design and exceptional precision make it one of the most accurate puzzles available.

GAN 11

Among the many new speed cubes, GAN’s flagship model GAN speed cube 11 M Pro is one of the most popular. It is designed with a strong, consistent magnetic feel and a dual adjustment system. It is also a good cube for beginners and professional cubers alike.

GAN speed cubes come in stickerless, 2×2 and 3×3 versions. They are available in pre-selected shades of pink, red and white. The GAN cube accessories include custom “stalks” and customizable corner magnet options. They also come with an elasticity and tension changing tool.

The GAN 11 M Pro features a corner-core magnetic positioning system. This allows the cube to turn faster and smoother. There are four different magnet strength settings in the corners. These settings are: Strong, Moderate, Light and Null.

The GAN 11 M Pro has a GMS v3 system. This system includes an adjustment tool that lets you set the elasticity of the cube to six different levels. In addition, there are also six different spring settings for the cube’s corners.

GAN 356i

Whether you’re a fan of GAN or a newbie, the 356i is a cube that’s worth considering. It’s the first cube in the new GAN 365i series, and it’s a great choice for those who want a stable, fast, and crunchy feeling. It also comes with a large internal space and full motion tracking. This means that it can hold up to 1000 battles in a single session, so you’ll be able to practice algorithms or compete with others on the same level.

The new GAN i3 has an updated design and improved latency, efficiency, and computer efficiency. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, seven different magnetic strengths, and adjustable magnets. It’s also compatible with GAN’s Cube Station app, which allows you to compete with other cubers worldwide.

GAN is famous for their innovative designs. They’ve been endorsed by some of the most renowned professional speedcubers in history. This includes Max Park, Feliks Zemdegs, and Sebastian Weyer. Some of their cubes have even set numerous world records.

GAN 251 M

Designed for both speed and stability, the Gan speed cube 251 M is a powerful gaming experience. It is a two-way cube that features 48 GAN magnet capsules. It also features a black inner shell and classic edge feet. Its unique design provides stable corner cutting and anti-pop and anti-twist performance.

GAN 251 M is the latest product in the 2×2 category. It features a new design and a lighter weight. It also offers better corner-cutting performance, which is an advantage for speed-cubing enthusiasts. It is also more stable and has a faster turning speed. Its anti-pop and anti-twist performances are optimized to make it more reliable when breaking PBs.

GAN 251 M is available in three versions. It is also available in a Leap version, which has stronger magnets. It also features the latest GAN Magnetic System. It allows you to adjust the strength of the magnets in each corner.

GAN 251 M Pro is a premium version of the cube. It features improved design and a new magnetic core for the 2×2. It also has an updated magnetic system. The upgraded version also features a better core and a lighter weight. It comes with a cube solving guide, a GAN Drawstring Bag, and an instruction manual.


Among the many GAN speed cubes, the GANINFINITY is one that is particularly popular. Many speedcubers have chosen this cube over other options because it is small and controllable. Its six internal colours are programmed so that users can choose the colour scheme that suits them best.

The GAN speed cube is available in both 2×2 and 3×3 versions. The 3×3 version of this cube features a honeycomb design on the corner contact points. The honeycomb design helps in making turns more accurate. It also has corner-cutting features and 48 magnets inside the cube pieces.

The GAN speed cube has several accessories that can be bought to enhance the puzzle. Some of these accessories include stickers and pens. Another great accessory is the GAN Cube Bag. It is an accessory that allows you to store your cube. The Cube Bag also has a solver and an application that allows you to battle other cubers worldwide.

GAN is a Chinese cube brand that started with Ganyuan Jiang. He established the brand and broke the Chinese 3×3 national speed-solving record in 2007. Gans is known for their innovative 3×3 designs, such as the honeycomb design. They also invented the first elasticity system. The elasticity system allows users to adjust the strength of the magnets in the corners.

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