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Private hire vehicle insurance

Private hire vehicle insurance is essential when you work as a taxi driver. Its either public or private hire insurance plan depends on the type of vehicle you drive and the license that you hold.  We can offer you high-quality, reasonably priced taxi insurance thanks to our many years of experience and products tailored specifically for private hire drivers. We only offer competent policies. Are you looking for a taxi insurance policy? Just get in touch with us and get yourself covered today. If you work in the taxi business, you must know that it’s a legal requirement to get insured. Get an  appointment to meet in person with the our team of experts taxi insurance brokers or talk over phone with our team.

In contrast to our competitors, we may offer a variety of add-ons to minicab and private hire drivers as standard services:

  • Public Liability Coverage 
  • Accident Management Coverage
  • Unlimited Cover for Vehicle Glass
  • Quality of Uninsured Driver Coverage 

The availability of private hire insurance can mean the difference between returning to work tomorrow and having your car off the road for several weeks. Call 0161 711 0066 immediately to discuss your insurance needs, or request a callback here for your personalized quotation from our selection of Private Hire vehicle Insurance policies. Get instant taxi insurance quotes today with the most trusted provider in the UK.

What makes taxi insurance necessary?

Whether it’s private & public hire insurance,If you work as a cab driver, you must get taxi insurance. It is meant to protect you, your car, and your customers when you drive a car that is being rented out for business. To submit an application, you must have a full taxi driver’s license. From classic black cabs to ride-hailing services like Uber, insurance plans can cover all kinds of taxi services. Importantly, having the proper kind of auto insurance coverage allows you to defend your livelihood in the event that a claim is brought against you.

What distinguishes taxi insurance for private hire from that for public hire?

If you operate a cab that can only be reserved in advance and flagged down on the street, private hire vehicle insurance may be able to protect you. You operate a minicab business or work as an Uber driver, you’ll require this kind of taxi insurance.

If your cab can be stopped in the middle of the road or picked up from a taxi stand, public hire taxi insurance will provide coverage. Similar to the renowned London black cabs, public hire taxis are typically owned by a company and will have a taxi sign on top of the car.

What kind of insurance do I need for a taxi?

Types of taxi insurance covers

There are three levels of taxi insurance to choose from, just like there are for other types of auto insurance:

Third party vehicle insurance 

Your third-party auto insurance will pay for any harm or destruction you do to another person or their property, including their vehicle. You must have this amount of coverage in order to lawfully drive on UK roads. You won’t receive any financial assistance from it. Though, for your own injuries or for the cost of fixing your cab.

Fire, theft coverage along with third party insurance 

In addition to providing compensation if your cab is stolen or damaged by fire, third party, fire, and theft insurance provides the same coverage as third party insurance. Your taxi’s accident-related damage charges won’t be covered by it.

Fully complete covers all third-party coverage,

In addition to providing the same protection as a third-party, fire, and theft policy, fully comprehensive insurance coverage can also compensate. You as the driver for damages to your taxi cab.

How do I find affordable taxi insurance quotes?

Start by carefully selecting your automobile. A four-door car with a low insurance group is preferable when purchasing a new car to employ as a taxi. If at all possible. However, you must also be aware of statistics on fuel consumption given the nature of your work. If you want to provide an executive service, a more opulent vehicle might be necessary; this may also depend on the kind of taxi service you want to provide. The price of your insurance could be impacted by all of these elements.

There are several ways to get taxi insurance at a cheaper price.

Increasing one’s no-claims discount

Maintaining a safe driving record is important because convictions can increase the cost of taxi insurance. Maintaining a safe driving record can help you avoid convictions that raise your insurance price.

Improve security

increasing the security of your vehicle, for instance, by installing an immobilizer. You might need to speak with your insurance company directly in order to have any savings reflected in your insurance premium. installing a dashboard camera in your taxi cab

compare taxi insurance quotes, 

Examining various insurance options for cabs. Doing this could help you find taxi insurance cheap.

While comparing, resist the urge to simply pick the cheapest taxi insurance. Since policies do differ, think about whether it provides you with the appropriate level of coverage. After all, this is your source of income. Consider all of your options when looking for private hire vehicle insurance.  Check their rates and opt for a policy that suits you the most. Don’t make a choice without doing your research. 

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