Get the Best Windows Reseller Hosting with WHM Tool and Plesk Management

Get the Best Windows Reseller Hosting with WHM Tool and Plesk Management


Managing a reseller business will become more difficult if you don’t have some specific tools to handle it. That’s why tools like WHM, WHMCS, and many more will make running the business easy. Since windows are compatible with the Plesk control panel then having toral management of the panel is also important. As you create Plesk panel accounts for your customers so proper management of these is essential. And, here in the article, you will know about the Best Windows Reseller Hosting, WHM tool, and Plesk panel management for your business. So, let’s begin the piece.

Windows Reseller Hosting

A reseller hosting that is operated on a Windows operating system is a Windows Reseller Hosting. In this type of hosting, you sell the hosting packages to your end customers after buying the plans from a reliable host. If you talk about the management of the business then tools like WHM, WHMCS, and the Plesk panel will help you go through this. Another factor that you should consider when searching for a plan is to look into the provider hosting package.

If the web host provides all the necessary features that may add value to your business then it’s the perfect plan that you should opt for. Buying the Best Windows Reseller Hosting plans is not that difficult when you have a host like Hostbillo. The company offers the most affordable hosting services that include services like free WHM and Plesk panel accounts.

WHM Tool for Your Windows Reseller Web Hosting Business

WHM Tool for Your Windows Reseller Web Hosting Business

WHM tool and Plesk account management are the most essential things to consider in a Windows Reseller Web Hosting business. Because without these two things, there is no existence of a reseller hosting business. So, here we will get to know about the role of the WHM tool and how you can manage Plesk panel accounts with the help of this.

The full form of WHM is Web Host Management which means you are the main host of the web space that you have bought from your provider. By having this tool, you can administrate your business from anywhere and able to create multiple Plesk panel accounts for your customers. You can also suspend or delete any account as and when required. Not only you can manage the Plesk panel accounts but also you can customize the hosting plans into small bundles and sell them at your marked-up prices. This makes your Best Windows Reseller Hosting business successful and profitable.

How You Can Manage Plesk Panel Accounts with the Help of WHM Tool?

Management of Plesk Panel accounts will make it easy when you administer it with WHM access. Since WHM is a tool that gives you all the power to control the business page on your own. You can customize it whenever you want.

And, if you talk about handling the Plesk panel accounts with the help WHM tool then the management of the Plesk panel account totally depends on it only. Because of this tool, you will be able to create control panel accounts for your clients. Through this access, you can surveillance your customers’ control panel accounts. Using this tool, you can see who you have created Plesk panel accounts for and who you need to suspend or delete. You have total information about the person’s account data and administrate it.

Also, a WHMCS tool also makes your reseller business run easily as this is an automatic billing system that provides a kart system to resellers. So, with these tools, you can properly manage your Best Windows Reseller Hosting business.

Get An Affordable Windows Reseller Hosting Plan From Hostbillo

Get An Affordable Windows Reseller Hosting Plan From Hostbillo

Hostbillo is a web hosting company that provides its services all over the world. With top-notch hosting features, it is becoming the leading company that provides the best hosting plans. Its aim is to offer Affordable Web Hosting Plans all around the world so that people can host their websites on a minimum budget too. The company also provides 24*7 customer care services to solve the problems of its users. And, if you want to open a reseller business, then Hostbillo is the best host since the customer services are at the best. Also, it offers Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plans that start at $7.68 per month. Let’s look at the package of the Windows Reseller Hosting Plan and what it includes-

  • Free WHM Access
  • 30GB Disk space
  • 20 Plesk Control Panel
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • CloudLinux Optimized
  • Weekly Backup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains and Subdomains Addons
  • Unlimited Email IDs
  • MYSQL Database

So, all of these features are included in this monthly package and if you want to get a WHMCS tool too then you can also add that with an extra charge. This is the Best Windows Reseller Hosting package anyone can get from anyone, especially Hostbillo.


One thing is sure you will earn good profit from your reseller business and you will never disappoint from investing in it. Being in the hosting industry is quite competitive but with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting you will be able to make good money without investing much. As the plan will come with the WHM tool and Plesk Management then you don’t have to worry about the administration of the web space. You will get to know them while doing the process. However, host like Hostbillo makes it super easy as they also provide migration assistance when migrating the data or signing up for a reseller account. They offer a Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting package and allow you to customize or modify the server space into small packets to sell them to your customers.