How Bike Racks Can be Helpful for Your Business

Bicycles are the most common mode of transport and are also economical Considering the immense rise in fuel cost in contemporary economic conditions, many people are purposefully turning to bike racks for transport within the  city. the tons of health benefits that are associated with bikes and Even, healt.  regular cycling as a secret to a healthy life. You might have already noticed the scaling popularity of bikes around you, and if you own a business with parking, considering. the inclusion of bike racks can add up to your business value, facilitate your customers, and so on. According to statistical records of thefts and trespassing, bicycle theft is a common case. In the past decade only, more than 12,000 reports of bicycle theft per year was been seen.

Why Install Bike Racks for your Vehicle:

As records assert only a handful of the theft cases were cleared by the police. while most others remained unresolved with the bikes never being retrieved.

Therefore, it is indeed a major challenge for bikers who suffer from theft issues, there incorporating secured bike racks for a safe bike parking facility could undoubtedly add to your business value. Organized racks also allow bikers to park their bikes upright. the organizer itself ensures separating each bike as per the design of the rack. This separation which is an added feature of racks for bikes. ensures that prevents the scraping of bikes one over the other, falls, etc. and bikers can easily mount and dismount the bikes.

Factors to Consider While Buying Bike Racks

Every parking is different whether it comes to the availability of space to the ratio of cars and bicycle parking required, etc. So, when you are planning to include bicycle racks in your business parking space it is important to consider a few factors.

some tips which can essentially help you to speculate your requirement better and pick the right style of bike rack for your business. When deciding which bike rack to purchase, you should consider:

  • Bicycle friendliness
  • Organization
  • Sturdy Built
  • Security features
  • Cost


If you are investing in racks just to facilitate your customers heading to your business with comfortable and secure parking. it is indeed a bright idea but you also have to understand how you can increase the value of your business by installing these bike racks.

When riders look for bike cradles, docks that offer integrated support for wheels or offset handlebars tend to assure and comfort them more.

As a matter of fact, with the rising scale of theft of bikes, security. the basic requirement of bike owners whenever they think of paring their bikes.

  • Look for user-friendly bike racks with a separate cradle for each bike.
  • Some Bike racks are available with added protective coatings, which is an anti-scratch layer to shield them against metal frames.
  • You may also look for U-lock-compatible racks that are highly reliable.
bike racks

Where to Position Bike Rack

While planning for bicycle parking it should be sketched in an area or location. which is not only conveniently accessible but preferably sheltered, secure as well as with sufficient lighting provisions.

The commercial space for which you want to install the rack should as much as possible near both the entrance and exit of the shop, restaurant, or mall, whatsoever.

Besides, positing the bike racks in right place, conveniently located around. the business, can help people to easily access your business, and again their ride.

Whereas building a parking facility a block away or across the street, etc. can lead to frustration, feeling of discomfort, and harassment among customers.

  • Covered parking for racks is ideal to guard the bikes against rain, snow, etc.
  • Always establish a rack within minimal walking distance from your business.
  • Ensure that the racks have provision for a secured lock system.
  • A separate cradle for each bike is a compulsory requirement when you are integrating a multi-rack.


You can contact dealers offering bike racks or you can also shop online. Online shopping comes with an added advantage where you don’t need to visit a shop and order from anywhere. But make sure that you read through reviews of a few bike racks of your choice before finalizing anyone for purchase to ensure that the product comes with original quality and a return policy too.

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