How can I get the Solutions of OP Malhotra Class 11?

op malhotra class 11 solutions

Class 11 is one of the most crucial stages in a student’s life. It sets a platform for their journey toward their career. A student chooses science, commerce, or humanities which determines their career objectives. Mathematics is one of the widely incorporated subjects when it comes to fundamental studies. Especially if you are looking to make a career in a technical field, you must master maths.

In this regard, besides books that help you understand the concepts, referring to solutions and providing samples are equally important. You can understand most concepts easily, but sometimes you may need help understanding the steps to solve a tricky question. In such situations, solutions from subject matter experts can be helpful.

Here, you will learn about OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions – best book you need to refer to for class 11 Math, topics covered in this book, and some tips to solve tricky questions.

Best Book for Class 11 Maths Solution

Class 11 students seek information for the best reference book they can follow to enhance their preparation for school and competitive exams. Although there are many books you can refer to for Maths, OP Malhotra class 11 solutions are considered one of the best guides. It covers all concepts and clarifies every doubt.

Where to Find OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions?

You will find different book providers when you search for OP Malhotra class 11 solutions online. You can get it in both book or PDF form.

However, if you prepare without dependency on the internet or a system, going for a printed book may be the best option. Additionally, physical books do not cause any stress on your eyes, which keeps you active for a longer duration.

Topics Covered in OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions

Experts draft OP Malhotra Maths solutions and provide a detailed explanation of each question covered in the textbook. These are included in the following chapters:

● Sets

● Angles and arc length

● Relations and functions

● Trigonometric equation

● Properties of triangle

● Compound and multiple angles

● Complex numbers

● Mathematical induction

● Quadratic equation

● Permutation and combination

● Inequalities

● Binomial theorem

● Concepts of points and their coordination

● Sequence and series

● Circles

● The straight line

● Differentiation

● Limits

● Measure of dispersion

● Measure of central tendency

● Section 2

● Probability

● Parabola

● Hyperbola

● Ellipse

● Mathematical reasoning

● Point and their coordinate in three dimensions

● Statistics

● Section 3

● Index number

● Correlation analysis

● Moving averages

Benefits of Using OP Malhotra Maths Solutions

Following are the major benefits of referring to OP Malhotra class 11 solutions:

● Subject matter specialists draft these solutions after extensive research, which aids in laying a solid basis for mathematical concepts.

● Students get complete and in-depth information and knowledge on the topic that enhances their preparation for the exam.

● All the significant concepts included in class 11 Maths have detailed explanations for the student’s understanding.

● These solutions provide the ideal framework for board examinations and many competitive and government exams.

● Almost every board’s syllabus consists of the topics covered in these solutions. Therefore, preparing through these books allows students to appear for competitive exams.

● These solutions contain crucial exam-related questions, the previous year’s solved sample papers, solved question papers, and much more.

● Students get a wide range of examples with solutions, which assist them in comprehending ideas properly and adequately preparing for board exams.

Tips to Solve Class 11 Maths Questions

Many students find math challenging. Therefore, you must thoroughly grasp these concepts, which can be possible if you get expert guidance. Following are some tips and tactics to assist you in acing up your maths preparations:

● Set up a strict schedule and follow it without fail. Try to dedicate extra time to those topics that seem challenging to you. However, consider allotting the necessary time to cover all the subjects in your schedule.

● Design a chart listing all the formulas and place it at your study table. Doing this will allow you to recall the formulas more quickly.

● Try to understand the terminologies and formulas instead of focusing on memorising them.

● Pay attention to the formulae utilised for the many types of mathematics.

● Practise the sums from the textbook’s example section. Practise each of the sums in the exercise section as well.

● Utilise sample papers and past year question papers. They will help you get familiar with the question format.

● Get the teacher’s help if you need clarification on a chapter.


Maths can be the most interesting and addictive subject if you can understand the concepts clearly. OP Malhotra class 11 solutions are the best option for gaining strong command of each concept covered in the syllabus. Therefore, you must consider buying a copy from Get My Books – the best book providers to score good marks in the exam .

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