How To Become An Accountant?


An accountant is a person who keeps an account of money or assets of any organization, business or individual. In simple words, an accountant is the person who calculates the income and expenses.

Accountants are mostly associated with large organizations such as banks, insurance companies and many more. These accounts are maintained for keeping records, tax filing and accounting.

In short, an accountant is the one who calculates and maintains the records of financial transactions of any organization. So, how does one become an accountant?

There are two types of accountants:

1. Chartered Accountants (CA)

2. Accountants

Chartered Accountants

The chartered accountants are the most preferred accountancy profession in the UK and many countries. This accountancy profession is governed by Chartered Accountants India (CAI). The Chartered Accountants India has set standards for the Chartered Accountants.

These standards include the syllabus, examinations and the duration of the course. Chartered Accountants UK is one of the most reputed chartered accountancy bodies in the world.

The students who aspire to become chartered accountants must follow the Chartered Accountants India (CAI) curriculum. This curriculum is designed to develop the skills of the students.

The CA course comprises of theory, practical and case studies. The course includes topics such as accounting, audit, taxation, auditing, economics, management accounting, statistics, finance, etc.

There are various colleges in the UK and Australia where you can study for the Chartered Accountancy course. There are also some universities in India that offer Chartered Accountancy programs.

To become a chartered accountant you must pass the exams conducted by Chartered Accountants India (CAI). After clearing the exam, you can become a chartered accountant.

The chartered accountants will be eligible to work in a wide range of sectors including law firms, consultancy, banks, stock brokers, audit and assurance, etc.

If you have a dream of becoming a accountants in central London then start your career as soon as possible. The Chartered Accountants UK exam is extremely difficult and you must be prepared to clear all the sections.


Accountants are the persons who deal with financial transactions and record keeping. They are not limited to any particular field.

Accountants are the ones who maintain the financial records of a company. They also analyze the records and make suggestions to the organization for improvement.

Some of the most common fields where accountants work are:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Audit
  • Taxation
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Management


The above post will help you to know about the difference between Chartered Accountants and Accountants. I have also shared with you some important tips that will help you to become an accountant.

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