How to care for an electric scooter

An electric scooter is a fast, reliable and very convenient mode of transport. The time of its trouble-free operation depends on the quality and timely care of all parts of the structure. It is not difficult to do this, but you need to take into account the features of a scooter with an Electric Scooter UK. How to properly charge the battery and whether it is often necessary to clean the bearings and the frame from road dust – we will talk about this in our article.

An electric scooter is a full-fledged vehicle that is operated under different loads and weather conditions. All this can significantly reduce its service life. To prevent rapid wear and tear, you need to maintain an electric scooter according to all the rules: charge, lubricate, clean from dust and store properly in winter. And how to do this, we will tell further.

How to care for an electric scooter: basic rules

In order for electric transport to always be on the go, it is important to follow a number of basic rules:

Keep the scooter clean. It is desirable to ride only on a clean and even asphalt surface. Particles of dust and sand that have fallen into the wheel bearings and steering mounts can lead to a quick failure of these parts and a squeak when driving. If you got on an electric scooter in the rain, upon returning, thoroughly rinse the contaminated parts with running water and wipe dry with a rag. Heavily soiled bearings can be cleaned with a cotton swab. The most vulnerable place for dirt is the deck skin. First, you need to clean it with a hard shoe brush, and only then wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.
Regularly check the functionality of the device. Each time, before getting on the scooter, it is advisable to check all the bolts, look at the fasteners, bearings, threaded connections. Tighten if necessary. Wheel wear and faulty brakes also affect driving safety. If any deviations from the norm are found, it is better to contact a specialized service center.
In addition to the above items, caring for electric vehicles includes proper maintenance and battery charging.

How to charge an electric scooter

Accumulator battery. By properly charging the battery, you can not only drive the maximum distance, but also increase the battery life. First of all, we advise you to use the charge economically: try to coast, do not squeeze all the juice out of the engine and avoid sudden braking. We also recommend that you carefully study the instructions for the charger when using it for the first time and use only the original charger.

To properly charge your battery:

Check all elements of the charge circuit. If moisture is visible on the wires or plugs, it must be blot with a paper towel or dry rag.
After turning on the charging in the circuit, it is better to wait until the indicator light lights up, and only then connect the plug to the battery. So you can avoid damage to the electronics by a high voltage surge in the event of a charger failure. This is especially important when charging for the first time.
How long the battery take to charge can be found in the instruction manual. Most often it is 1.5-2 hours. For powerful models, the charging time can reach up to 4 hours. To find out that the battery is charged, the light indicator will help if it is not there then you can simply count the charging time from the characteristic.
It is undesirable to charge the battery near heating elements or in the sun. Overheating can lead to accelerated chemical reactions, expansion of the internal space and even an explosion. The maximum temperature near the charging battery is 25 degrees.
Since all manufacturers equip scooters with a battery overcharge protection unit, you can leave the device to charge all night. But it’s better not to do it often.
It is not recommend to completely discharge the battery, it is much better to constantly recharge the battery after using the scooter. So it will last longer.
Lithium-ion batteries do not tolerate extreme heat (over +40°C) and are afraid of mechanical damage. Therefore, you need to regularly check the battery for chips and other defects, keep it away from direct sunlight and heating appliances.
Lubricant for electric scooters
When dirt gets into the steering and wheel bearings, they begin to spin poorly and make squeaks at revs. This can lead to their rapid failure. To prevent this from happening, you need to periodically clean and lubricate all the moving parts of the scooter. For this:

How to ride an electric scooter

Electric scooters

The duration of the operation of the scooter depends on the nature of the ride on it. The rules of movement on this transport are simple, but due to the presence of an electric motor, they have their own characteristics:

Before grasping the handles, you need to press the power button of the device.
Then you need to Hoverboards Christmas Sale push off with your foot and set the initial speed, and only then, using the accelerator, connect the speed of the electric motor to the wheels.
Rapid acceleration and deceleration may shorten battery life by several times. Therefore, we recommend that you brake smoothly using the handlebar grip and use the rear brake with care.

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