How to find credible Online jewelry buyers?

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We all have that one jewelry piece that we just can’t seem to get enough of maybe it’s a long time family heirloom, maybe it’s something you found on your own while traveling abroad, maybe you just like the way they make jewelry. And are looking to try your hand at designing some pieces yourself and need some help finding supplies. Whatever the case may be, this collection of websites offers something for everyone in regards to buying jewelry online.

Who are online jewelry buyers?

Online jewelry buyers will be easy to spot at the mall. They like to draw attention to themselves and will often wear their jewelery out in public. Especially if they have it custom-made. The online jewelry buyers typically shop online a majority of their time due to their availability and flexibility. This can range anywhere from a few hours a week during the weekend, to working almost 24/7.

What do online jeweler look for in a prospective buyer?

Online retailers are looking for potential clients who are able to pay on time and in full. Those who commonly default on payments can expect. An email or phone call from an associate at the store stating that they probably won’t receive. Anymore of those hard earned dollars from them either.

Gold Buying Sites:

The best gold buying sites offer competitive prices, trustworthy sources of gold, and convenient shipping options for buyers who would rather walk into a store than order online for some reason or another. These sites offer everything from a single piece of gold to yellow metal ingots. And everything in between so you’re sure to find something for you.

Jewelry Suppliers:

These sites provide jewelry supply retailers with information on supplies and equipment they could use to customize their jewelry.

Online Jewelry Designers:

Some of these sites offer online designers a way to share their works with the world and get feedback on it while some help designers create business portfolios that they can use to recruit employees or promote their own artistry. Whatever the case may be, all of these sites offer valuable experience. And insight for those looking to get involved in jewelry design.

Where to Buy Jewelry Tools & Equipment:

Many artists have a hard time finding where to buy jewelry tools & equipment that are commonly used for metalwork or stonecutting. By using these sites you’ll be able to find reputable sources for supplies. And equipment without having to spend hours upon hours on the search.

Jewelry Making Forums:

If you’re looking for help with a project or looking for some advice on how best to go about making something you’ve been eyeing, then using a forum is probably your best bet when it comes down to it. These forums are some of the most active on the Web in regards to jewelry making. And have a ton of valuable information for you to utilize as you get started.

Jewelry Making Blogs:

A jewelry making blog is a good way for anyone to keep track of their progress or show off their latest creations without having to work with a third party. If you’d like to make your own website for the jewelry, you can use one of these blogs. As a template for your own work and add in your own special flair.

Cheap Jewelry Making Supplies:

Sometimes we all have a hard time finding cheap jewelry supplies that will help us remain productive with our projects.

Tips to get online jewelry:

1) Use different browsers and computers: Many of the sites have their own tracking software that will detect if a user is making numerous visits to the same site in a short period of time.

Use an anonymous vpn or proxy [Example: IPVanish] and change ip addresses every time. Or try different vpns/proxies till you find one that works (for example : [Proxpn] works with most jewelry sites).

2) Have patience, some sites are slow to load, especially during peak hours. It could be due to too much traffic, but sometimes it’s because they are checking the user’s IP address. And do not want you getting unlimited items. They block IP’s and when they detect a possible bot, their servers will crash.

3) Try different browsers if the first one does not work. Some sites have the same tracking software for all of the borwsers, some are specific to one browser.

4) Use private mode in your browser (safer) or use it unattended in incognito mode. It gets rid of many tracking bugs and improves your chance of getting unlimited jewelry items.

5) Do not log out of your account after getting what you need.


Online jewelery is a great way to get your hands on the jewelery you want without having to spend a lot of money on something that you may or may not really like in the end. Whether you’re looking for gold, silver, gemstones, a new set of tools, or anything else that can be used in jewelery making/artistry, then these sites should prove to be invaluable to your search.

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