How to Move Your Valuable Objects During House Moving


It can be crucial to learn how to move valuable objects, artifacts, and other memories from the past, whether you live in a villa. It is important to pay attention to every detail in these situations as it can cause inconveniences and make calculations difficult.

Also, it is risky to believe that you can make a DIY move in these cases. It is important to have the right people working with us and to be able to rely on the right safeguards. Both legal and pragmatic.

You need to understand how to move valuable objects and works of art. Here is a list that we are familiar with.

Particularly if you have period paintings, porcelain vases, or antique furniture in your hand. Do you know the average cost of moving in Ontario?


Communicate and indicate the needs

How do you move fragile and precious objects, artifacts, valuable furniture, and other items on the market?

The clarity in communication is key. You must indicate which boxes contain the most fragile items, regardless of whether it is a DIY move or professional transport. These can be paintings, textiles, or furniture made of delicate wood.

It doesn’t matter, or more accurately the greater the value, the more attention that must be paid to the different stages of the transfer. The packages must be moved gently. This is a special delicacy that is different from the rest. Attention is required, regardless of whether you are using crystal glasses or moving plates. It takes only a few seconds to ruin everything.

The same applies to moving a piano. How do move precious objects? It may be helpful to request special attention from the people who transport precious objects. Not only on the van but also through the platforms but also when the packages are being deposited.


A specific insurance policy

It is recommended to purchase additional insurance if you are transporting valuable objects with a high value. You should first choose a company that offers transport insurance. In special situations, you may be able to request and obtain specific insurance to protect what is most important to you.


Packaging is a key phrase

When you are trying to figure out how to move valuable objects, the packaging is a crucial step. This is because the packaging is an essential step to prevent damage, breakages, or dents to the most precious items you have.

Is there anything we can do to help the furniture survive? What about porcelain vases? Are they at risk of breaking under unexpected impact? To increase strength, you need to use good cardboard and a two-wave wrapper.

You must first pack everything so it can absorb bumps. These cases call for the use of polystyrene profiles and rubber sheets. Bubble wrap is also useful. Before you lower the goods into the box, make sure to cover them with a material that can dampen shocks.

It is better to give one box to one good. If we are talking about precious plates and glasses, we can use cartons that resemble a beehive with slots or specific shapes to keep the elements separate.

You will need to write a note or sticker on each box with the words FRAGILE. You should not forget that some boxes are already marked with this abbreviation.


Pay attention to the details

Which are they? The logistics for the transfers. Are you able to move around without a lift? This could be problematic, as well as one-way streets which might prevent hydraulic platforms from reaching their destination upstream.

Safety is not dependent on the ability to count upon all the comforts necessary to complete the task. To preserve furnishings that are not transferable immediately.


You should have a deposit

How can you move valuable objects and fine furnishings? A professional moving company is required if you are unable to move everything immediately. You must respect safety and reliability. Make sure you have adequate surveillance so that you can sleep peacefully while waiting for the final move.


Professionals are essential

Are you looking for ways to safely move valuable objects? It is important to contact professionals like Perfect Timing Moving who can operate with the highest level of serenity. It is important to have a custom-made service available to ensure that precious goods are transported and safely stored.

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