How to Prepare Your AC for Winter to Prevent Damage?

How to Prepare Your AC for Winter to Prevent Damage - AC Repair

Your air conditioning unit has gotten you through countless long hot summer days. Now, it is your time to return the favour by properly preparing your air conditioning unit before winter weather hits. Book Mahir’s Company ac repair services.

How can you do so? Do not worry! You have come to the right place. Specialized AC services have enlisted some most effective and tested ways to prepare your AC for winter to prevent damage.

By following these steps, you are going to keep your unit safe from any possible damage during winter. It will be out of reach of dust, dirt, and small animals that can get into it and damage it.

Ways to Prepare Your AC for Winter

Winters are almost here. And we are not going to need our air conditioning units anymore. So, we should put them aside until the winter pass.

But it does not mean you switch them off and let them stay exposed to dust, dirt, and small animals. Instead, follow the following steps to prepare your AC for winter to prevent any possible damage.

1.    Inspect Your Unit

Before covering your air conditioning unit for a long period of winter, you should first make sure it is all Ok. For this purpose, you should inspect it to find out any cracks, leaks, dust accumulation, or breakdowns.

If you find any issue with your unit do not leave it unattended as it can worsen over time. Instead, get it fixed before you cover it for the whole winter period. Book AC repair services at home and get your air conditioning unit inspected to trace any problem with it.

2.    Maintain Your AC

Many homeowners wrap their air conditioning unit in a cover and let it stay for the whole winter. It turns into making your AC problems more complex which were left unchecked and untreated.

If you want to save money by maintaining your unit on your own, go on but only on one condition if you have the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, you should not mess with your expensive electrical appliance.

You might damage your AC if you try to fix it, which can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. It can make a huge dent in your wallet. So, do not consider yourself a pro and get your AC maintained by a professional.

3.    Clean Your AC

Now, when you have fixed all your air conditioning problems, make sure there is no dust, dirt, or grit inside or outside your unit. Why is it necessary? Cleaning your AC cleanse off all the dust present in and outside of the unit, which could cause rust if not cleaned before wrapping your unit into cover.

If you ignore the accumulated dust in your unit’s air filters and motor, it will start rusting your unit. Your AC’s motor, air filters, evaporator coils, compressor, or condenser might start decaying over time, which can cost you expensive repairs and replacements.

AC repair services in Lahore suggest cleaning your air conditioning unit before covering it for winter. In this way, you are not only saving your unit from rust but also will ensure the proper functioning of your AC next summer.

4.    Turn Off the Power

Before doing further procedures of covering and insulation, you should first cut off the power supply. In this way, you can make sure your safety from electrical hazards.

Do not just switch off the outlet button; instead, cut off the power supply by the main power panel. It will stop the power supply to your system that will not harm you when you are cleaning it or covering it.

5.    Cover Your AC Unit

Now, when you have made sure there is no fault with your AC unit, no dust or dirt, and no sign of cracks, you are good to go. Cut off the power supply and cover your unit in a way that there is no place where dust, dirt, or animals can get into it.

Remember! Get your AC inspected by the professional AC repair services in Karachi to make sure it is all Ok. Because once you cover it, you are going to forget it for almost 6 months.

Therefore, you should first make sure there is not any fault with your AC, and then cover it with a strong wrapper. Make sure the cover is strong enough that can last for a period until the next summer.

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