How to Study for the DP-100 Exam

The field of data science is growing rapidly with precision. With its growth, there is also an increased demand for data scientists, and there is nothing better than starting with Microsoft Azure.

You can get started with the DP 100 exam, which is Microsoft Azure’s machine learning solution design and implementation certificate. Let’s review some preparation tips, including what resources to study from for the DP 100 exam. 

Azure DP 100 Certification Course Overview

The certification proves your skills and knowledge required for using Azure machine learning services, including cloud computing, as a data scientist. If you’re preparing for the Azure DP 100 certification, start by understanding the nature of the exam. 

In this Microsoft-administered test, you are expected to demonstrate your ability to use Azure services like Azure Machine Learning, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, and others.

As a Microsoft-certified professional, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Explore data structure using tools such as Azure Machine Learning Studio or Jupyter Notebooks.
  2. Gain insights into patterns and trends in large datasets by analyzing data through machine learning models.
  3. Perform exploratory data analysis, create machine learning models, and derive insights using Azure tools.

There are four domains that the exam covers:

1. Data Discovery and Acquisition (20-25%):

This domain determines what data you need for your project and the actions needed to acquire it (e.g., reading or writing to data sources like Azure Blob Storage, SQL Database, or the Data Catalog).

2. Preparation of Data and Train Models (35-40%):

This involves preparing the data for your project, for example, cleaning up a dataset by removing missing values and nulls and comparing two vast datasets to check their similarity.

3. Preparing a Model for Deployment (20-25%):

This is about building and configuring Azure ML models and machine learning pipelines. In this domain, you’ll use feature engineering, model training, linear regression, and more tools.

4. Deployment and Retention of Model (10-15%):

In this domain, you apply your models to real datasets to make predictions. It might involve predicting the number of new users based on demographics or calculating risk scores for credit card transactions related to cloud security.

DP 100 Exam Preparation

Like other Microsoft certification courses, you will need several resources to prepare for this exam. These include case studies, sample questions, and other training material about topics covered in the exam. 

Training providers offering Microsoft Training Courses cover the essential topics to clear the exam. Not only this, but they also include practice tests that will help you understand your weaknesses.

With a proper plan to prepare for the exam, you can ace the exam in one go.

Visit the official DP-100 page

The first step toward your preparation is to review the exam objectives thoroughly and outlines all the topics covered. The objectives will act as a blueprint for your preparation for the exam. Not only this, but you will also get access to various resources directly from Microsoft’s website. 

Look for Significant Resources

Refer to various online resources focusing on the Azure exam topics. You can refer to video courses, practice tests, and study guides that will walk you through all the critical concepts you need to be well-versed with to pass the certification exam. Additionally, you can take advantage of online communities with prior Microsoft certification training, where you can connect with other data science professionals and ask questions about any aspects of the exam you are struggling with.

Be Well-Versed in the Basics

To pass the DP-100 exam, it’s essential to be well-versed in various machine-learning concepts and tools. Some topics you should focus on include building Azure ML models, preparing data for project use, and exploring data using features such as feature engineering and model training. It is also helpful to have hands-on experience with Azure ML to familiarize you with its many features and tools.

Practice maketh a man perfect!

The more you practice, the better your understanding and clarity of concepts will be. Many online training courses will help you to understand the concepts thoroughly. Also, at the end of the training, they provide you with practice tests which help you to know where you stand. Once you are confident enough, you can apply for the exam and schedule it on a date of your convenience. 

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While studying for the DP 100 exam, you should genuinely practice your skills by working on real datasets and building your models. Join study groups and connect with data professionals to get knowledge about Azure. Keep your basics clear to succeed as a data science professional working with Azure in real-world scenarios.

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