Intergy EHR Vs Athena EHR – A Comparison of Top Medical Software

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It is important to choose EMR software that is intuitive and efficient for your medical facility. Software should be affordable, but not compromise on quality.

Intergy EHR & Athena EMR are popular choices on the market, but which one should you choose?

We provide a detailed comparison of Intergy EHR and Athena EMR to help you make informed decisions.

What is Intergy EHR and how do you use it?

Greenway Health’s Intergy EHR software is specifically designed for ambulatory healthcare practices of all sizes. This EHR system has an electronic clinical option that allows you to create, store, and retrieve patient data.

This software can also be used to manage a wide range of daily tasks for a practice, such as the documentation of patient information or medical records. Intergy is suitable for multiple locations and caters to specialties like primary care, internal medicine or multi-specialty OB-GYNs, cardiology, pediatrics, and many more.

What is Athena EMR and how do you define it?

Athena EMR, a cloud-based electronic medical record system, is accessible from any computer. It gives you secure and easy access to your medical history and prescriptions as well as lab results. The software allows anyone to access all three essential pieces of information when they are needed in an emergency.

Athena EHR can also be used when someone is responsible to another person’s medical careE

Athena EHR allows users to take their entire medical history with them wherever they go, in case they need it.

Intergy EHR Features

Intergy EHR was designed to give you the tools you need to manage a successful medical practice. Intergy’s software includes a variety of features to help you achieve this goal. Here are some highlights:

  • Appointment Management: This feature makes it easy for staff to make appointments and track who is available.
  • Billing Management: Intergy billing software can be used to create invoices, and then send them out for payment.
  • Clinical Workflow: This helps doctors and other healthcare workers complete their tasks faster by preventing them having to switch between programs or apps while they work on another task (e.g., when seeing patients).
  • Document Management: This feature allows you to scan documents and store them in your system for later retrieval or use.

Athena EMR Features

The following features are available in Athena EHR:

  • Patient Portal – Patients have access to their health records and can communicate with their doctor via the patient portal.
  • Compliance Tracking – EHR can help meet HIPAA, HITECH Act, and ICD-10 compliance requirements.
  • Practice Management Software – It provides accounting, scheduling and billing as well as inventory and inventory management. This software will help you increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Athena EHR Software – This integration feature allows you to import laboratory results from other sources into your clinical documents. You can also order lab tests from Intergy EHR.

Intergy EHR Demo

If you’re considering Intergy EHR, the Intergy EHR Demo is a great place for you to start. Visit their website to request a demo and complete the form. The company will contact you to provide more details on how to start the demo.

Athena EMR Demo

All potential customers can get a free trial of Athena EMR. Visit their website to request a demo and complete the contact form.

Intergy EHR Cost

Intergy’s EMR system can be integrated into practice management software. If you would like their EMR system, it can be combined into another product. Vendors provided us with a quote starting at $799 per provider per month.

It is important to remember that you cannot purchase a standalone Greenway Health practice management software.

Athena EMR Cost

Pricing for Athena EMR is unknown. For EMR pricing quotes, contact the Athena sales team.

Pros and cons of Athena EMR

There are many pros and cons to Athena EMR, which we will discuss in this section.


  • This software offers a variety of reporting tools that can be used to simplify reporting processes.
  • These are useful features for electronic documentation.


  • Athena customer service does not respond quickly enough.
  • They don’t provide quick responses or multiple communication channels, such as emails and phone calls.
  • Athena EMR does not allow multiple users to send messages at once, so patients might experience difficulties while discussing their concerns with their doctors/clinicians.

Intergy EHR Cons and Pros

These are the pros and cons to using Intergy EHR Software:


  • Intergy’s PM & Practice Analytics reports have been a tremendous tool for our company.
  • Our processes have been made easier by the relief of claims entry, and transmission.


  • Intergy can also be used in many ways. Some of these are best suited for large practices, while others are not suitable for RCM/billing businesses. This problem has been solved and Intergy can still be used.
  • I would love to see more reports built-in with filters (e.g., by date range).


Intergy EHR, a great electronic medical record, can be used by doctors to track the health of their patients. It offers many functions, including immunization tracking, progress notes and billing capabilities.

Athena EMR, a medical software program that doctors can use to create patient plans and keep confidential information about patients, is also an excellent option. It has many useful features, including appointment scheduling, patient intake forms, medication lists, and much more.

Each product has different features so it is worth looking at both before you make a decision.

We hope it will assist you in making an informed decision about the right healthcare software for you.

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