Luxury Shopping In UAE

Luxury Shopping In UAE

The UAE or United Arab Emirates has an image of housing many luxury shopping destinations. Dubai has many boutiques as well as malls that stock luxuries in abundance. Shopping sprees istanbul cappadocia antalya itinerary are unique where you can find many Dubai luxury brands. The malls include top high-standard designer shops from across the globe. Whoever is looking for some luxury brand will surely find a variety in the UAE.

The UAE is quickly becoming a top tourist destination having visitors coming here to indulge in the luxury of the glittering cities. Luxury Shopping In UAE tends to be a popular pastime over here. This is boosted by the breathtaking malls which are like stylish air-conditioned places. The UAE is a tax-free country so visitors can benefit from the lower prices that luxury goods have here.

Key points:

  • There are many luxury shopping options in the UAE
  • Most luxury shopping can be done in Dubai or Abu Dhabi
  • You can find local and international luxury brands

Some luxury shopping options in the UAE

There are many luxury shopping options in the UAE. The following presents you with some luxury spots where you can shop and enjoy the retail experience:

The Dubai Mall

It is said to be in the list of the world’s largest malls. You can find nearly anything that you want from here. It has the famous Dubai Fountain along with breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa.  Dubai mall luxury can be experienced here.

There are many luxury stores and the mall has more than 1,200 stores. It has a Fashion Avenue that features extravagant luxury fashion labels. One can go to renowned department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Level Shoes as well as Galeries Lafayette. On top of this, whilst shopping you can enjoy the Dubai Fountain show.

Gold & Diamond Park

If you are looking for a luxury shopping experience, do not miss Gold & Diamond Park. It is part of Emaar and situated on Sheikh Zayed Road. There is extravagant jewelry here. In fact the place is said to have some of the world’s best jewelry, gemstones, precious stones, luxe accessories, silver, as well as gold.

It is possible to get custom designs made by the skilled artisans whilst enjoying culinary delights at the top cafes and restaurants.

Souk Madinat Jumeriah

Those looking for an alternative shopping experience that gives a feeling of old-world charm, should check out this traditional souk. It is one of the luxury shop Dubai destinations. The stores are present in between alleyways, having a variety of jewelry, fashion as well as souvenirs. Whilst shopping you can get something to eat along the river bank which runs through this amazing destination.

The Outlet Village

If you are looking for luxury goodies and that without the high price tags, check out the Outlet Village. The place has a Tuscan-style setup located at the edge of Dubai. There are many high-end discounts as well as department stores here that have the brands you may be looking for.

Mall of the Emirates

This mall has above 630 shops. It is a glass-top mall present in Dubai. Thus, there are many high-street labels along with designer stores that have top luxury items within the mall’s Fashion District.

Also, you can take coffee breaks at the cafes. Those shopping with kids can let them enjoy the entertainment present. Thus, there are many delicious foodie spots where you can enjoy something tasty.

Ibn Battuta Mall

But, visit this themed mall. That has architecture and décor which will let you go into a Moroccan dream. Because the mall has been made in a way that showcases the experiences. That was the 14th-century explorer Ibn Battuta who hailed from Marrakesh. There are name brands and some souvenir stores that have special trinkets which one can add to their collection.


Because, looking for a luxe shopping retreat which has an in-house spa, WAFI is the place to go. Like, there are different boutique stores present at this lifestyle center. It has been made in true Egyptian architecture along with style, having columns, glass pyramids, plus pictures of different pharaohs.

Some fine dining establishments along with a club can be found here. Therefore you can enjoy a full day in this mall. This is one of the top Dubai luxury outlet place.

Jumeirah Emirates Shopping Boulevard

This is said to be a glamorous shopping destination. People love to come to this mall because of its shops as well as gardens that have lakes and waterfalls. This enhances the elite experience that one can get over here.

Amzaan Fashion Boutique

If you are looking for Emirati fashion talent then head over to Amzaan Fashion Boutique. Here you can find wonderful work that is by local designers. Check out the Pink Sushi label that is of the Dubai-born designer namely Raghda Bukhash, 30 Days Dubai Visa.

Abu Dhabi Mall

So, this mall is where one can enjoy luxury brand shopping. That is with carefully curated and locally sourced treats. Now, there are many stores located here, cinemas, and different amusement options. The mall even has specialties like perfumes, and nuts, along with Arabic sweets.

If you are looking for a unique souvenir, and want to get something that will remind you of the Middle East rather than a designer handbag, you can find something here.

Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

Thus, found along the breakwater upon Corniche Road, the Marina Mall is the place to go if you are looking for designer clothes UAE. You can check out top international fashion brands. There are other extras that allow this mall to be totally amazing.

There is a multiplex cinema, bowling alley, as well as mid-sized ice rink. The mall is different in that it has roller coaster rides present in the actual mall. You can check out the musical fountain that gives light and water shows.

So, if you are interested in checking out these luxury shopping destinations. You can get a visa to enter the UAE. Dubai is a destination for those who love shopping. You can do this at malls that are extravagantly designed. The shopping experience is indeed amazing where one can have delicious treats whilst shopping in the malls. You will enjoy your time here because the malls are built in this way. There are endless opportunities present for shopaholics.

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