How To Color Scheme Is Useful In The Printing Process Of Rigid Boxes

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When it comes to a custom packaging solution, color is a vital factor. Marketing experts are studying its impact for a long. They concluded that colorful packages positively affect the customer’s moods, emotions, and purchase behavior. These findings have made it easy for brands to implement various color schemes for custom rigid boxes. The packaging itself gives a luxurious display. By adding different colored hues you can make it more impressive. This article is all about how a perfect color scheme is useful in the printing process:

Color is the Most Attention-Grabbing Element for your Custom Rigid Boxes

There are a couple of reasons why an attractive color scheme is the best choice for printing. This is because the right color grabs the customers’ attention. It is the most noticeable element when you are creating packaging. Custom rigid boxes in red, blue, green, and other eye-catchy colors are setting a mark. Many brands are picking up them to make their packages more noticeable. While some choose monochrome or a neutral shade. Colors also bring the eye to a particular area. For example, designing the top of your 2 pieces rigid box with red helps in making the information section easy to read. Similarly, you may use vivid colors to make your logo more recognizable.

Colors Communicate Ideas

Colors often trigger certain emotions. For example, using orange color in your solid boxes evoke ambition and warmth. Blue is linked to a feeling of trust and calmness. Rigid cardboard boxes using purple as a primary color denote status and wealth while yellow reflects positivity. The right selection is based on the type of product you want to package and your target audience.  A good product with an exceptional package can win the heart of everyone. s

A Right Color Pallet creates a Right Impact

You cannot choose any of your favorite colors to create your rigid boxes. Selecting the right color pallet requires thought processing. The color you select for your packaging depends upon the gender and age of your target audience. For example, if you are designing a package for teenage girls, pink is the best choice. However, it is not the standard. Sometimes the customers instantly connect with a particular color. The modern minimalistic approach is affecting hundreds of people worldwide. A brown-colored package with an attractive label may appear fascinating for some but dull for others. Therefore, the right color palette can create the right impact only if it resonates with the mindset of your customers. It also helps in establishing your brand name and setting your products apart.

Enhance your Brand Image With Custom Rigid Boxes

It is a fact that people recognize a brand by its colors. Apple, Nike, and several popular brands are the best example of it. Even the customers do not have to come across the brand name and other details. Just by looking at the color of the packaging, they know that it’s what they want! Research states that color-coding improves comprehension, and delivers information faster. However, the colors you chose should merge well with your rigid box design. It leads to enhancing your brand image and generating a better impact.


Help you to be in Line with Trends

Being in line with the latest trends is the biggest concern of rigid box suppliers these days. Where other elements like brand recognition and the quality of the product play an important role, color is still an aesthetic feature to consider. It helps you to create a trendy packaging look that is hard to ignore. Some of the popular color trends to design rigid boxes wholesale include:

  • Pastels: They are becoming significantly popular over the last few years. These colors give a soothing effect. It creates a sense of calmness as a customer gets a hold of his rigid packaging.
  • Color Gradients: These are another popular option. Where ever you turn you will find a color gradient. Using them to create your packaging boxes can stimulate one’s mood and level of excitement.
  • Green or Brown: These colors give multiple meanings. It reflects your environmentally friendly concerns and the effect of your packaging material on the planet. The same impact can be seen in rigid packaging. These colors are most like to benefit the printing process. They reduce your expense and help you to create more minimalistic designs. It brings a good boost to your brand image.

Colors Deliver your Branding Message More Effectively

Every brand has a particular message that it wants to deliver to its audience. It can be anything related to health, wellness, luxury, or the mission of your business. Delivering your branding message through the appropriate use of colors is an effective you to inspire customers. Plus it makes them remember your products for a long. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can create a remarkable packaging design for your rigid boxes with lids. Also go for adding a creative logo, or an attractive pattern by making the best use of colors to make your brand stand out.


All of us will agree that color is the most basic element in your overall packaging design. Although a brand can use various compelling strategies, none of them can match its significance. The business can capitalize on the use of color to get maximum benefits. The custom rigid boxes designed by using attractive prints and captivating colors fascinate everyone. Now you do not have to press the limits. Be creative with the color schemes of your packaging to convince the customers to buy your product.

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