Rolex Submariner VS Rolex Yacht-Master Review



The Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Yacht-Master are probably two of the most famous watches in Rolex’s illustrious collection. Both watches have made history for watch enthusiasts, although one predates the other by around 40 years. However, these watches are the best choice if you want to buy one. You really can’t go wrong with either watch, but there are a few notable variations that may sway your decision. Here’s a list of the key features, differences, and benefits of two watch industry heavyweights to help you choose your ideal watch.

The Rolex Submariner’s Past:

In 1953 the Rolex Submariner was introduced as a diving watch. With a water resistance of 100 meters, it was the first watch on the market. The watch’s water resistance and a rotating bezel that allows divers to see underneath make it ideal for divers. In addition, the watch contains luminous elements that make it easier to read when diving in the murkiest waters. Although the Rolex Submariner was the first watch to offer 100m water resistance, it wasn’t considered the first diver’s watch. You can buy Rolex watches in Dubai with TIMEZONE WATCHES Ltd at the best rates.

Divers’ watches included Omega Marine and a number of Navy and Special Forces watches. However, Rolex spent time developing the ideal dive watch, and through variations from 1953 to 2020, the watch has earned a reputation as an evolving product that keeps divers at the forefront of its design.

The Rolex Yacht-Master:

Although the Rolex Yacht-History Master produces two very different watches, it is actually based on the Rolex Submariner. In 1992 the Rolex Yacht-Master was introduced. In 28 years, Rolex had never introduced a new model before. However, according to Rolex tradition, the designers did not try to create a new model. Rolex wanted a spectacular redesign of the Rolex Submariner.

While the skins were well received, they were very different from the aesthetic of the Submariner. It was expected that Submariner enthusiasts would not like the drastic design change. From these ideas came the Rolex Yacht-Master, a completely new model.

What Sets The Rolex Yacht-Master Apart From The Submariner?

The Yacht-Master and Submariner differ on several points including Water resistance: The Submariner has a water resistance of 100m on the first cast. The Triplock, a triple waterproof security system with three sealed areas on the watch, enables generations of this watch to have a water resistance of up to 300 m. The Yacht-Master, on the other hand, offers 100 meters of water resistance. Size: The Submariner’s slim 40mm case is perfectly sized for easy reading without making a big impression.

But the Rolex Yacht-Master is more specialized. The Yacht-Master case sizes are 37mm, 40mm and 42mm. The 37mm was specifically designed for women. However, depending on personal preference, the range of sizes can accommodate trends for a more understated or sturdier watch. The Yacht-Master offers a variety of case materials including stainless steel, Everose, Rolosor (a combination of steel and gold) and Roselio (a combination of stainless steel and platinum). The U -Boot, on the other hand, has a stainless steel case. The sub’s unidirectional bezel helps keep better track of dive times. Instead, the Yachtmeister supplies a bezel that rotates in both directions. Cost-If bought new, a Yacht-Master is a more expensive option than a submarine. However, both watches hold their value over the long term. In the used market, subs typically have a higher value, although this can change based on supply, demand and trends.

Which Rolex Should You Buy?

The Rolex Submariner is a legendary and coveted watch that even James Bond wore as his favourite device. However, compared to the more relaxed appearance of the Rolex Submariner, the Rolex Yacht-Master offers a more robust appearance and sportier appeal. Distinguishing between a Submariner and a Yacht-Master can be a matter of personal preference, as both watches come in 18k white gold, yellow gold, stainless steel, and a variety of multicoloured dials and bezels. TIMEZONE WATCHES Ltd can help if you’re having trouble deciding between a Rolex Submariner or a Yacht-Master. Visit us in Burlington Arcade or browse our Rolex selection online. We encourage you to contact our staff if you are looking for a specific watch as we will do everything in our power to find you the perfect Rolex. Check out Rolex watch prices in Dubai at TIMEZONE WATCHES Ltd.

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