Shadowrocket Review | 2023 Update


Shadowrocket is a rule-based utility that routes your internet traffic through proxies. It can work on Windows 7, iOS devices, and Android. It doesn’t require other software. You can use an emulator to run the app if you don’t have a mobile device. Unlike VPN software, this app is faster.

Shadowrocket is a rule-based utility app.

Shadowrocket is a rule-driven utility app for iOS devices that catches and redirects HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP traffic. It records HTTP requests on your iOS device and redirects them to a proxy server. The app has several settings you can customize, such as DNS over TLS, keyword, and QUIC.


The application works with iOS and Android devices. To download the application, go to the website and search for “Shadowrocket.” Tap on the “Install” button. Once you have installed the application, you will be prompted to grant permission. You can even download and run Shadowrocket on Windows computers by using an Android emulator.

Shadowrocket is a free rule-based utility app that routes internet traffic through a proxy server. It has advanced traffic measurement capabilities and a user-friendly interface. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. This evaluates your traffic and domain to determine the best proxy server. After that, it configures the system settings for proxy traffic. Once the program has decided which proxy servers to use, you can surf the internet securely and privately. It also prevents you from accessing malicious websites and prevents the leaking of your personal information.

You can install this free application on iOS and Android devices. 

It is also compatible with Android emulators. Users can also install the application on a PC. The app routes internet traffic through proxies and analyzes its traffic. It supports DNS over TLS and QUIC protocols. It also supports cellular networks and supports iCloud rules.

Shadowrocket is a cross-platform proxy manager that changes your IP address. It also supports ad blocking and local DNS mapping. It is faster than other proxy managers and works equally well on mobile data connections. This also works on macOS and Windows computers.

It uses a web proxy server to route internet traffic through proxies, providing privacy and security. You must configure your system proxy settings to accept the proxy server to use the app. For this, you need the IP address and URL of the proxy provider. It is essential to take note of these settings, as the app may not install itself on your device.

You can download and install Shadowrocket from the Apple website. It supports HTTP, TCP, and HTTPS protocols and is easy to use. It lets you set your proxy settings and is an excellent app for anonymous browsing. And it’s free! If you’re interested in anonymous browsing, download it today!

It routes your online traffic through proxies.

Shadowrocket is a rule-based utility application that routes your online traffic through proxies and offers comprehensive cyberattack protection. The application comes with advanced traffic-measuring capabilities and allows you to create rules based on a domain name, CIDR IP range, or GeoIP lookup. It is easy to install and is compatible with Windows. The free version allows you to use a single proxy server, but you will not have unlimited bandwidth.

Shadowrocket supports more than 190 locations and can switch routes based on geolocation. It also supports cellular networks and can redirect mobile traffic to its proxy server. Users can configure the software to block ads and censorship and set rules for specific websites.

Shadowrocket is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, but it requires a system version of 5.0 or higher. You can also use it on an iPad, but you will need an iOS version of iOS 9.0 or higher. It is essential to select a proxy server that supports HTTPS or a similar protocol to protect your privacy. Remembering your proxy server’s IP address is necessary so you can log in and browse anonymously.

If you wish to install Shadowrocket on iOS, you can do so from the website. 

After installation, you’ll be asked to sign in and configure your proxy server settings. You’ll be asked to enter your IP address to connect to the server and the proxy server location. Once you’re done, you can begin using the application to protect your privacy and speed online.

You can install the Shadowrocket app for free, which works on most Windows operating systems. The app runs through a rule-based interface to intercept your online traffic and route it through a proxy server. This will protect your privacy and bypass network censorship. However, it is essential to back up your data regularly and customize the proxy settings based on your specific needs.

Shadowrocket is an excellent option for anonymous web browsing. 

It routes your HTTP traffic through a proxy server and enables you to control it remotely. However, it is not a VPN but offers many features you’ll need to protect your privacy. With a free trial and over 31 million IP addresses in its pool, Shadowrocket is an excellent choice for privacy-conscious users.

Shadowrocket is available on the website. It supports the most common protocols, including HTTP, TCP, and HTTPS. You can also use it on your PC and Android devices. The app is easy to install and easy to use. You can even set up multiple proxies with this application.

The free version of Shadowrocket routes your online traffic through proxy servers. This application is faster than other VPN software. This takes over the system settings and applies proxies to all or part of the applications. It works equally well with mobile data and Wi-Fi connections.

It is faster than VPN software.

Shadowrocket is a free alternative to VPN software that uses proxy servers to route your online traffic. This rule-based utility application captures and routes all of your online traffic through a variety of proxies. It is much faster than VPN software and can be used on any device, including cell phones.

Unlike most VPN software, Shadowrocket uses proxy technology to disguise your web traffic and trick firewalls into thinking your connection is clean. It works on Windows computers and iOS devices and is compatible with virtually any VPN server. Its user interface is simple to navigate and offers several advanced features, such as local DNS mapping and URL rewriting. 

It can also take over your system settings and is compatible with IPv6 and cellular connections.

The premium version also has an ad blocker and works on WiFi and mobile data, requiring no high-speed internet connection. Shadowrocket offers a money-back guarantee, which lets you cancel your subscription anytime. Contact their customer service to request a refund within three days if you aren’t happy with their service.

Users can download the Shadowrocket app for iOS devices. 

The app runs on the most popular models of iOS. You can add proxies by entering the server address into the application’s settings. It is straightforward to use and is perfect for anonymous browsing. If you’re worried about privacy while surfing the internet, Shadowrocket is a good option.

Shadowrocket uses super-advanced proxies called Shadowsocks. They use HTTPS to disguise your web traffic, bypassing censorship laws in places like China. They also use servers in countries with no censorship laws. All of this makes Shadowrocket more secure and faster than VPN software.

Shadowrocket has a host of extra features and a free trial. For example, it can block ads and scripts and provide local DNS mapping and URL rewriting. This free application is a lot faster than VPN software. It’s also cheaper. It comes with a massive list of proxies to choose from.

To use Shadowrocket, you’ll need a stable internet connection. It can’t work on unstable WiFi connections or mobile networks. These are both slow and consume data. Additionally, the application needs a stable relationship. In addition to these features, Shadowrocket can also be installed on PCs using an Android emulator.

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