9 Social Media platforms that protect the freedom of speech as well as the User’s Privacy

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The most popular social media platforms which are technologically adept like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are increasing their use of AI shadow blocking and censorship. They are also banning, blocking, and removing anyone who threatens to discredit their “official” content. The sites are gathering and combining user information for sale to advertisers as well as other third-party businesses.

A lot of people are searching for more user-friendly platforms for social media platforms that protect privacy rights, and also respect privacy rights and the Freedom of Speech, and user privacy more than the major tech giants do. Here are 12 social media platforms that accomplish exactly that.

1 – FreeTalk45

freetalk45.com app is an online social media platform that is owned by OAN, One America News Network. FreeTalk is similar to other options for free speech, such as Twitter and Facebook. The platform also has an upper limit on characters, similar to Twitter. The length of a post on FreeTalk is limited to 250 characters. It’s not enough when compared with other platforms that permit free speech. There are groups or pages, and events that are similar to Facebook. FreeTalk 45 is accessible via the site or the Apple/Google app. The site seems to be less responsive in response to requests as compared to other platforms. Read more trendy topics visit Trendyanswers.com.

2 – Gab

Gab is a mix that combines Facebook together with YouTube. The principal social media section is similar to Facebook which has chats and groups. GabTV is also included. GabTV is similar to YouTube and offers channels as well as subscriptions to content you love. Gab also respects freedom of speech. 

3 – Minds

Minds are similar to Facebook and Facebook, but it has chats and groups as well as a crypto twist. It is designed for content creators who wish to earn money by sharing their content. Minds come with a cryptocurrency token wallet that can be used to enhance the quality of posts, and it also allows you to transfer rewards in tokens. Minds+ accounts earn tokens when they post content that is well-known.

4 – CloutHub

CloutHub is a combination that combines Facebook Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It hosts group videos, meetings, and channels. Like Twitter posts, CloutHub posts are restricted to a specific number in characters. CloutHub posts are restricted to 300 words. CloutHub is a platform for people who wish to communicate with other users to discuss issues or move through gatherings or channels.

5 – Parler

Parler is similar to Twitter however without political restrictions. Parler posts, which are known as Parlays are distinguished by a greater character limit of 1000 characters. It is accessible through websites or Parler’s Parler application. It could also have further restrictions on censorship to stay within both the Google or Apple large brother technologies.

6 – Gettr

It is the most recent social media platform is free-speech and is operated by Jason Miller, former Senior Advisor to President Trump. This is quite like Twitter however it doesn’t have restrictions on character count or censorship and is, therefore, more similar to Parler instead of Twitter. Gettr is accessible via the internet, or via Google or Apple applications. Telegram is accessible on the Telegram website as well as desktop applications on different operating systems, or through the Google/Apple app.

7 – MeWe

MeWe is similar to Facebook but it isn’t subject to privacy or censorship issues. They promote themselves as an alternative to Facebook. MeWe is a strong believer in Freedom of Speech and honors the privacy of its users. They don’t make use of ads and fund the site through upgrades to premium accounts, as well as enhancements to the basic user accounts. MeWe includes chats groups pages, pages, groups, and events. Posts on local pages are limited by 15,000 words. Local content can be accessed via the site or through an Apple/Google application.

8 – Telegram

Telegram is an absolutely free encrypted messaging system that many are beginning to use as an alternative to Twitter. It lets groups, channels, as well as subscriptions. Telegram has seen massive growth in recent years and has more than 500 million users active each calendar month. 

9 – Locals

Locals is an online social media platform developed by Dave Rubin. Locals are designed for content creators who are looking to earn money from your content. Creators are able to create groups (communities) that users can join free of charge or at a cost per creator. Users who pay subscription fees can access only content that is only available to subscribers.

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