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Most useful Online Homework Games for Kids

Reading is regarded as one of the best hobbies one can develop. But to have reading as a hobby, an individual first needs to be able to read! Also, reading is crucial to have a sound understanding of a language.

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Here, we have come up with some of the most fun and interactive reading games for kids that you can play with them at home!

Free Online Reading Games for Kids

Learn on Balloons

Kids love playing with balloons. Wouldn’t it be great to use balloons to help them read better? They will read these words or sentences aloud and write them on their balloons with markers.

Fun with Flashcards

Flashcards are the most utilized things when it comes to learning activities for children. 

In this game, to develop reading skills in children, you need to create lots of flashcards with different words written on them. 

Kids must read aloud as many words as they can in 1 minute (or any other duration of your choice). The kid who can read the maximum number of words correctly in the stipulated time wins the game.

Read and Act

This game can be played for words that belong to verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. 

You can write such different words on little pieces of paper and put them all in a jar. Kids have to pick one of the pieces, read the word silently, and act it in front of the other participants. 

This game not only creates a good bond between kids but also improves their reading prowess while they are busy playing it! Flashcards are the most utilized things when it comes to learning activities for children. 

Find the Treasure

Treasure hunts can be twisted to make the kids better readers. Write simple sentences (according to kids’ level of understanding) as clues and hide them in different areas of your home. 

For example, one clue can be – “Find the next clue where we keep ice creams!” The kid will go to find the next clue in the refrigerator. 

Word in Sand

Take a rectangular box and fill it (not completely) with sand. Please write a few words or short sentences (depending on the difficulty level you want this game to have) on separate pieces of paper and hide them all in the sand. 

You will speak one of the words or the short sentences, and kids must find that piece of paper in the sand.

Name it

Here, you will need to make two flashcards – one will have pictures of objects or actions, and the other will have the words or phrases describing the first set of flashcards. 

Kids must pick one flashcard from the first set and find the relevant flashcards in the second set by reading what’s written on the second set. 

The kid who can finish the task in the least amount of time gets goodies or extra cookies!

Break it and Make it

Pick a simple story (preferably of 6 to 7 sentences) from a children’s book and write each of its sentences on a different piece of paper. Kids need to read those sentences and arrange them in the appropriate order. 

Train of Words

Paste words on the wagons of the toy train and switch on the train. Kids need to read the word written on the wagon of the moving train. They need to read all the terms one by one written on the wagons when the respective wagons pass them. 

Point the Word

Write lots of words on a big sheet of paper. Now, dictate terms one by one, and kids have to read, find and point to the words as they speak. 

Word Hop

This can be a valuable game for kids to learn how to read. You need to write words on paper and paste them on a mat or the floor. You will dictate terms; kids must hop on that word quickly. Word hop can be the perfect game to spend quality time with kids while letting them learn new words and honing their reading skills! The kid who can finish the task in the least amount of time gets goodies or extra cookies!

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