Things to Consider When Finding Metal Stamping Manufacturers

Metal Stamping Manufacturers

The metal stamping global market is anticipated to grow at 4.7% CAGR in the forecast period of 2022 to 2030. This indicates more companies and technologies would become available in the coming years. 

Therefore, finding the right metal stamping manufacturers is like finding a needle in a sack of hay. With so many companies offering similar metal stamping services, making the right choice may become a tricky task. 

Even with such cut-throat competition among companies, few stand out due to their excellent manufacturing potential and precision output. But how to identify such companies who can deliver the most precise, to-the-design metal stamped parts that are a perfect fit for the application?

This article lists the crucial parameters that will lead to successful decision-making in choosing the metal stamping manufacturer. 

#1 Company Collective Expertise 

A metal stamping manufacturing company’s expertise reflects in the results they deliver. 

A company well-versed in hands-on experienced precision metal stamping team will deliver excellent results. The industry knowledge they bring to the table helps in producing metal-stamped products that perfectly match the design considerations that the application demands. 

For example, Eigen Engineering is a metal stamping manufacturing company in India, that has an excellent team specializing in precision metal stamping- one of the best and cutting-edge technology to create customized design parts to suit a particular application. 

#2 Quality Standards

Quality matters the most when it comes to metal stamping. 

Metal stamping parts must adhere to proper quality standards and must be ISO 9001:2008 certified or have certification for specific industry standards. These certifications are a clear sign that the metal stampings are according to industry standards. 

Another quality indicator of a distinguished metal stamping manufacturer like Eigen is that they have a low number of defects per million parts shipped and deliver on time-everytime. 

Typically, a metal stamping manufacturer with good quality standards will have less than 5PPM, and excellent on-time delivery records. 

#3 Production Capacity

While hunting for metal stamping manufacturers, another crucial aspect to look out for is their production capacity. It must meet the desired value and the services. 

For example, metal-stamped part for the aerospace industry needs highly qualified precision stamping experts with state-of-the-art automated progressive metal stamping techniques, similar to the one that Eigen engineering offers. 

#4 Customer Experience

Communication between the client and the manufacturer plays a key role in defining the quality of the final output. The client must be clear with the design and the metal stamping manufacturer must have a proper system in place to ensure every detail that the client gives is taken care of without 

#5 Secondary Services

Most good metal stamping companies offer secondary services like deburring, drilling, plating, etc. Such companies provide good value-for-money services like Eigen Engineering. 


Apart from being economically viable, the metal stamping manufacturer must have the desired capacity to produce high-quality products. The points listed in the article are crucial factors that must not be ignored and should dictate the metal stamping manufacturer’s choice. 

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