Tips on How to Avoid Sleep and Stay Awake While Studying in the Top Schools in Noida


Exams are a stressful time. Physical and emotional stress wears on the body, yet it rarely has time to relax. Relaxing takes a back seat to study. However, every time you sit down to study, you are concerned about falling asleep. Rank holders in the top schools in Noida frequently discuss their ability to avoid sleeping while studying. 

However, ignoring sleep is not recommended. A good night’s sleep helps you stay awake during the day. It aids in the retention of knowledge and its conversion into long-term memory. So, how do you stay awake when studying? 

Here are some methods to avoid feeling sleepy when studying and to keep alert and focused on your studies.

1. Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

A night-time routine is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Every night, we need at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to replenish our body’s energy levels. 

Sleeping too little or too much disrupts the natural sleep cycle and reduces productivity during the day. Turn off your electronics half an hour before night so your brain understands it is time to sleep. 

Sleeping and rising at the same time will aid in the establishment of a sleep plan that will provide adequate sleep every day.

2. Power Naps

Power naps during the day help you stay awake and avoid falling asleep while studying. If you cannot sleep properly at night amid exams in the CBSE Noida school, power naps are the ideal method to catch up on sleep and wake up refreshed in minutes. 

Make sure the power sleep is only 15 – 20 minutes long and no more than that, otherwise you will feel drowsier.

3. Begin a Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts keeps you energetic and alert throughout the day. Foods are high in harmful fats, which make you sluggish and tired. 

A good supper gives enough energy from all the vital nutrients and boosts productivity. High-protein granola bars, fruits, raw vegetables, or nuts are the best meals to eat to avoid falling asleep while studying in the CBSE Noida schools. These are the ideal snacks for keeping you awake and aware till supper.

4. Stay Hydrated

Did you know that dehydration causes the brain to shrink? It is therefore critical to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during exams, when you tend to lose track of time and fail to consume enough water. 

Drink 2 litres of water per day or 6 to 8 glasses. If you’re having trouble remembering, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink water every half hour or hour, depending on the weather.

5. Do Not Sit for Too Long

Avoid sitting for long periods to overcome tiredness while studying. Take some small pauses from your study at intervals of every two to three hours. 

Walk around the home, go for a short walk outside, do some stretching exercises or dance to your favourite music. Engage in any activity that needs you to move around or that allows you to take a break from sitting.

6. Do not study in your bedroom

A bed appears to be a comfortable place to sit and read or study. However, it is also associated with sleep and relaxation. Sit at your study table and sit up straight to avoid dozing while studying. 

Maintaining proper posture keeps your mind alert and allows you to concentrate more effectively. Also, make sure your study area is well-lit. Studying under a study lamp dims the rest of the room, causing the mind to become drowsy.

7. Active Research

Long periods of study might cause drowsiness and fatigue. It can also cause a loss of focus and interest. Make your study sessions active to keep yourself alert. 

Read aloud, impart the study material to your friends in the top schools in Noida, and creatively review what you learned by writing down key ideas on cue cards or drawing diagrams. This will keep you moving and keep you from becoming fatigued.

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