Tips To Prepare For a Long Journey on Your Touring Motorcycle


Ever sat on a motorcycle that you thought would be the ‘ultimate ride’ feel so awkward and different than you’ve expected? There are various reasons why certain motorcycles just don’t seem right for you. After all, you’re going to invest in a vehicle that you’ll be riding on for a long period of time. And this is particularly true for touring.

Be Honest About Your Riding Capabilities

Motorcycles come in different forms, sizes, and capacities. And it fits a specific market that will vary according to your purpose and skill. Some touring bikes may or may not suit all riders especially if they’re just starting out.

Touring bikes are like the La-Z boys of the motorcycle world. It is designed for comfort during long rides cross-country. Most touring bikes like Road Glide Special are built on the heavier side so it’s not at the mercy of the weather as you drive along. Brands may vary but may have a sport touring design for some creature comfort and style.

Another key factor to consider is your height. If you can’t sling your leg over the bike and saddle it in one go, it might be a problem in the long run. Or it could be that the motorcycle’s set is too high for you. You should feel the distribution of weight equal on both sides and your foot should be able to reach the pedals and hand controls.

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Choosing the Type

There are various types of motorcycles available in the market. Here are popular ones you can choose from.

Cruisers are typically low-seat types and a popular option for first-time riders. These do come at standard and luxurious types that will vary on your skill as well.

Sports bikes are meant for athletic uses because of its aerodynamic build. It is intended to allow high lean angles fit for skilled riders.

Standard motorcycles offer a combination of functionality and visual appeal. They’ll do well on smooth pavements with varying sizes and engine performance.

Dual-sport bikes are a combination of touring and standard bikes. This combination makes it an appealing investment for someone who’d like to get the best of both worlds. The seats tend to be higher so it may not be suitable for shorter individuals.

Riding Preparations

You know that breakdowns may happen along the road. In this case, traveling with groups will help you get off the side road faster with fellow riders to help with repairs.

Proper maintenance check is a must before you do any tours especially if you purchased a used bike. It is also best to pinpoint local repair shops so you can anticipate the next stops to get your bikes fixed.

Check for worn tires, cables, and brake pads to keep your ride safe as you ride out of the city.

Special Gears 

There are special gears that will make your journey safe and comfortable.

A quality helmet that covers the whole face is important. Most of the accidents that happen on the road usually impact the face. Purchase from a well-known brand so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one for the next three or five years.  It’s good to bring a good pair of gloves with armours around the knuckles, palms, and back of the hand should keep your fingers from injuries.

How to Keep Your Bike in Shape and Ready for the Ride

A well-maintained bike is a safe bike. It’s important to have your bike in good shape and ready for the ride at all times.

The best practice for keeping your bike in good shape is to regularly clean the chain, replace the tires, and check the air pressure. You can also buy a new chain if it’s worn out or a new brake if you’re having trouble stopping.

Bikes are meant to be ridden, but it’s easy for them to get dirty and dirty faster than you think! Try these tips on how to keep your bike in shape and ready for the ride!

How Can You Avoid These Mistakes on Your Next Long Journey?

list of the most common errors people make when embarking on a long journey.

1. Not packing enough clothes

2. Going out without food

3. Not packing your toiletries

4. Forgetting to pack your phone charger

5. Not checking the weather forecast before you travel.

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