Travel Ideas To Simplify Your Journey


Planning a group trip can be a bit like herding cats. But no matter what role you play in your group vacation, our 10 tips will help make the planning (and travel) process that much smoother. How to make sure you’re planning a great group trip.

1. Start early. Once you and your friends decide to travel together, start planning. Don’t let the idea drag you out or you might end up booking everything at the last minute and missing out on great deals on flights and accommodation (you can prevent this with our price alert tool). The longer you wait, the easier it is for things to “show up” and for friends to drop out.

2. Set up a budget group. Once you know how much your friends can spend, consider raising money by collecting a set amount (e.g., $500) from everyone before your trip. The group planner can use this money to pay for accommodation, meals, transport, drinks, and more while you are on vacation. If there is money left at the end, share it or go wild last night. PS: If you have some friends on a tight budget, check out these affordable domestic and international travel destinations.

3. Be democratic. Unless you’re planning a bachelor party or birthday party (where you want the honored to have more of a say), everyone in the group should be on an equal footing on this trip. This means that anyone can vote on the destination, dates, and accommodation (thank goodness we developed a tool for that). To keep things fair (so no one is left out), opt for straws when choosing your room. If you are based in Greenford, then use a taxi in Stanmore for your local transport. 

4. Let everyone book their own flight. As nice as it is when everyone lands at the same time, it should be everyone’s responsibility to book their own flight. This helps stop the dreaded “Can you identify me? I’ll get paid next Friday” and minimizes the scope for costly accounting errors (“I thought your birthday was August 19!”).

5. Make dinner reservations. While breakfast and lunch can be planned en route if you have a large group make reservations for dinner in advance. That way you can be sure you can be accommodated, and you don’t have to do the dreaded “7 pm hike”. throughout the city, because every trendy restaurant has a waiting time of more than 2 hours. If you are based in Greenford, then use the Greenford taxi service for your local transport.

6. Choose how to get around. First, do you rent a car? If yes, who gets the international driver’s license when traveling abroad? If not, make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to using public transport or carpooling. Some may not want to shell out the increased prices, while others may not feel comfortable going underground.

This way you can find out if it’s cheaper to hire a driver or rely on local transport options.

7. Please do not use your phones at the table. Make a pact with your group to keep phones out of sight while eating together. Use this trip to socialize and get to know each other on a deeper level, not to collect fake internet points.

You might want to set a rule: At dinner, the phones are placed in the middle of the table. The first to reach his must buy a round.

8. Don’t pack too much. This is especially true when you jump purposefully. Packing light saves you transit time (no baggage claim), fees (thanks, Basic Economy), and stress. No need to lug multiple suitcases to your vacation rental, and no need to call separate taxis just to store all your belongings.

Keep it simple

.9. Do not leave the group (without a meeting plan). Listen, we’ve got it. fun happens.

But remember why you are on this trip: to spend time with the group. If you like to be out and about, apps like Glympse and Google Trusted Contacts let you share your location with the group so they can track you.

10. Don’t forget to thank your planner. Your only friend who coordinated this trip?

Thank you. Show your appreciation for their efforts by buying them a fancy cocktail, helping them buy a special souvenir, or just sending them a card.


The breakdown with interesting stops makes the whole trip more exciting. Give the kids a map and timetable of your planned itinerary and route for them to follow. There are high expectations of a trip, don’t let that bother you. Trust the advice in this article as you plan your next trip. Educating yourself about traveling and the benefits that come with it can save you a lot of money.

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