What Do You Get from Choosing a Singaporean IB School?

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Finding a school for your kid might be daunting, especially if you’re a new head to Singapore. So why not consider enrolling your child in the IB diploma program, a highly sought-after curriculum by most parents?

Want to know why? Continue reading to find more.

Why Should You Choose an IB School?

⮚ A diploma in an IB school significantly impacts a student’s academic skills and personality. They offer a world-class education program that makes every student develop critical thinking. Also, it affects students by giving them an appetite to learn forever in their life’s journey.

⮚ Nevertheless, schooling in Singapore with an IB curriculum has higher acceptance rates in universities or schools worldwide. It is because of the curriculum’s learning experience, facilities, and knowledge. Alongside they get exposed to becoming independent and expressive to show their ideas. Hence, students are confident about their knowledge and skills when faced with unfamiliar situations and become risk-takers in university life.

⮚ Also, if you’ve enrolled them in top schools offering IB curriculum, you get the benefits of the school producing honest students who value integrity and righteousness. Also, the IB diploma program provides opportunities to learn unknown cultures and languages to give students a better perspective of the wider community. And develop integrity by respecting other people’s differences.

⮚ Above all, the IB curriculum needs to be more consistent. It ensures to keep the students updated by altering as per the current necessities and has a universal outlook and a global significance. Consequently, the IB curriculum doesn’t change if you shift to any part of the world. Finally, the curriculum sojourns beyond bookish knowledge because the inquiry-based curriculum makes students’ learning rigorous, cultivates accountability, and applies knowledge in reality.

How to Select the Best IB School for Students?

To enjoy the benefits above, you should look for the top IB schooling in Singapore.

1. Check the school’s expertise in the IB curriculum

The first thing to consider is the school’s proficiency. And then, choose IB programs that prioritise your choice and goals of what you want from the curriculum.

2. Consider the ratings of the school

It is the most straightforward way to check the school’s qualifications. Ask people in the school to show the IB results. Also, you can check it with the parents in the school. If the school guides its students to become achievers, it can be the best place for your child.

3. Book a school tour

Before enrolling, take a school tour to know the ambiance and the facilities they offer. Make sure they have a favorable environment for learning and development.

Also, interact with the staff, principal, teachers, and other parents to familiarise yourself with the people who will be with you.

4. Consider the reputation

It is essential if your child is going to apply for a future job or school. But remember to check if the school will live up to its name. This way, the students and alums of the school earn respect in any team.

5. Check the cultural difference

Ask yourself these questions before enrolling:

● Is the school comfortable including different cultures?

● Is there gender equality?

● Are the students taught to respect and embrace other people’s differences?


If you’re one of the lucky people who can afford an IB diploma program, surely your child will grow as a better individual to shine in the modern world. This article helps so that you will always take advantage of the promising benefits offered to the IB schools in Singapore.

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