What Is The Cost Of Studying In Canada?

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Find out how much it will cost Indian students to study in Canada, taking into account the price of their student visas, university costs, insurance, and living expenses.

Yes, we agree with you that one of the best places to study abroad in the fall is Canada.

Study in Canada Cost

You must be working hard and doing your research to determine the cost of studying in Canada, including the Canadian university fees, since you seem so eager to do so.

Why Study in Canada?

According to the Global Peace Index 2021, Canada is one of the world’s most peaceful nations. Any international student considering Canada as a preferred study destination should do so because of its intriguing immigration laws and stay-back options. Look at the list below for an explanation of the costs associated with pursuing bachelors and master’s degrees, as well as living expenses and other essential costs, at some of Canada’s best universities.

Study in Canada with IELTS for Cost Cutting

IELTS help students in cost cutting as many famous universities accept admission with IELTS qualification only and offer courses on a budget.  Most colleges and universities require a band score of 6.5 or higher, though some do accept a band score of 6.0. Make a thorough investigation of the institution’s particular requirements to make sure you comply with the absolute minimum. It can be challenging to achieve a high IELTS score; expert assistance is advised. It can be very expensive to hire a private mentor. Because IELTS coaching in Noida is so inexpensive, so you should only enroll if you plan to study in nations like Canada.

Tuition Fees for Study in Canada for Bachelors and Masters Degree

In Canada, undergraduate programmes typically last three to five years. The length of a postgraduate course is one to two years. The price ranges for various subjects in Canada are as follows:

Study Engineering in Canada

Bachelor Programme
  • A BEng would cost between 35,000 and 42,000 CAD (INR 21 lakhs to 26 lakhs). Some programmes, like the University of Toronto’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, have higher tuition rates that can reach CAD 60,000. (Around INR 37 lakhs).
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering will cost less. At the University of New Brunswick, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Major in Civil Engineering would cost CAD 8,838 (roughly INR 5.5 lakhs).
Masters Programme
  • MEng tuition ranges from 5,000 to 25,000 Canadian dollars (3.1 lakhs to 15.5 lakhs)
  • The University of Guelph’s MEng in Engineering costs CAD 13,675 a year. (Roughly 8.5 lakhs INR)
  • The University of Victoria’s MEng in Applied Data Science costs CAD 25,160 per year (Approx. INR 15.6 lakhs)
  • The University of Victoria’s MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering costs CAD 5,176 per year (Approx. INR 3.2 lakhs)

Study Business and Management in Canada

Bachelor Programme
  • Costs for business management courses range from 27,000 to 31,000 CAD (around INR 16.7 – 19.2 lakhs).
  • However, many universities provide online courses that can be taken for less money.
  • The Saskatchewan Bachelor of Applied Management would only cost about $20,000 (Canadian).
  • Centennial College’s Bachelor of Public Relations Management would cost about the same as well.
Master Programme
  • At Lakehead University, a master’s in management can cost as much as CAD 29,000. 18 lakhs or so Indian rupees
  • At Trent University, a master’s in management costs about CAD 12,600. 7.8 lakhs or so Indian rupees
  • Your annual cost for a Master of Global Management will be about CAD 34,500. (About 21 lakh INR)

In essence, your choice of management course will make a difference.

Study Arts in Canada

Bachelor Programme
  • The annual cost of Bachelor of Arts programmes ranges from 21,000 to 26,000 CAD.
  • You will have to pay about CAD 21,600 for the MacEwan University Bachelor of Arts program.
  • Trent University’s Bachelor of Arts (Honors) programme costs CAD 24,250 per year.
Master Programme
  • The cost of a Master of Arts course depends on the specialisation you select. As a result, the annual fee may range from 8,000 to 22,000 CAD (4.9 lakhs – 13.6 lakhs)
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Lakehead University costs CAD 22,000 (INR 13.6 lakhs) per year.
  • The annual cost of Trent University’s Master of Arts in English (Public Texts) is approximately CAD 8,090 (INR 5 lakhs).
  • The University of Alberta’s 4-year postgraduate Master of Arts in Anthropology programme has an annual cost of CAD 8,700 (5.4 lakhs).

Study Computer Science and IT in Canada

Bachelor Programmes
  • IT and computer science bachelor’s degree programmes will cost between 15,000 and 22,000 Canadian dollars. (between 9.3 and 13.6 lakhs)
  • The cost of the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) at Conestoga College is CAD 15,192.
  • The cost of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology is CAD 20,135 annually. (Rs. 12.5 lakhs approx.)
Masters Programme
  • The tuition for a master’s programme in computer science and IT ranges from CAD 10,000 to 25,000. (INR 6.2 L to INR 15.5 L)
  • The annual cost of the Master of Science in Computer Science at Lakehead University is CAD 24,720. (About 15.4 lakh Indian rupees)
  • Trent University charges CAD 9,321 for the same postgraduate program.
  • The University of Lethbridge’s runs for CAD 13,532.

Wrapping Up!

Yes, we do agree with you that Canada is one of the incredible places to study abroad for Indian students. And now you get an Idea how much does it cost to study in Canada for an India students. Don’t wait just apply for study in Canada with IELTS with the help of study in Canada consultants at Meridean Overseas today!

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