Why do we need a broadband connection?

Ever wondered what exactly broadband is, and why we need it? In this blog post, we explain how broadband works and why every household needs internet access in the digital age. From steaming services to home working, broadband is responsible for keeping us connected, entertained and informed.

In our increasingly digital age, we rely on broadband for everything from work to entertainment. There are now numerous internet suppliers servicing the UK. They are available with various download speeds, bandwidths and connection types available.

In 2022, 97.4% of UK households have internet access. But what exactly is broadband, and why do we need it?

What is broadband?

Broadband is the high-speed transmission of wide bandwidth data over the internet. It typically runs at a minimum 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed. Broadband can be transmitted via multiple connection types, including:

• Fibre optics: The fastest and most reliable mode of broadband, fibre optics transports data via pulses of light through strands of fibre.

• Wireless: WiFi connects devices to the internet via radio signals. This is currently the most common mode of broadband.

• DSL: A Digital Subscriber Line transmits data via copper phone lines, so your device must be plugged in to access the internet.

• Satellite: A satellite dish connected to your property in order to receive data from corresponding satellites in orbit. This is then translated into the internet via the modem.

• Cable: An ethernet cable is used to connect devices to a system of underground coaxial cables, through which data is transmitted.

Why do we need broadband?

Before broadband, we relied on dial-up narrowband to connect to the internet. Broadband now provides homes and businesses across the UK with fast, reliable internet connections. This can be used to:

Stay connected

Broadband keeps us connected to the world around us. From world news to email accounts, we rely on the internet to keep us connected with our friends, family and local and global communities. With over 4.70 billion people worldwide using social media, staying connected is one of the key uses of broadband today.

Stream video

Streaming services have changed the way we watch TV and films. Platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Youtube and Now TV have revolutionised online entertainment, with 58% of UK households reportedly subscribed to at least one streaming service. In order to enjoy watching TV and film online, it is necessary to have broadband with a fast, reliable download speed.

Play games

The online gaming sector has grown significantly over the past 10 years. The industry is now worth over $300 million. This wouldn’t have been possible without broadband, as the ability to both upload and download wide bandwidth data at high speeds is essential for online gaming.

Work & study

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in the number of people working from home, with 84% of UK employees now undertaking hybrid working. Without broadband, it would be near impossible for employees to conduct their work from home. A strong internet connection is needed to liaise with colleagues, deal with customers and even access documents.

Similarly, students of all ages now rely on the internet to conduct their studies. From homework tasks to academic research, broadband is now an essential tool for students.

Broadband is essential to modern living

From work to entertainment, broadband is an essential aspect of our modern lives. It is therefore important to find a broadband provider that meets your needs, so consider the speed, bandwidth, cost and reliability of your provider before you sign a contract

Saving cash

Using the internet to do business, educate your children, plan your next vacation, or do anything else can save you money. People may learn utilizing free internet materials, and companies can reduce expenses so they can charge their consumers less for their goods or services


The internet provides a lot of choice when it comes to entertainment. You can use streamed services like Amazon Prime or Netflix for all manner of film and TV entertainment. Moreover, it will allow you to play games online (and even stream yourself playing them). Since you have options such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can also cancel certain TV services, such as cable TV, which may feature channels you never watch, and put the money towards a streamed-service subscription.

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