Why should you store your ingredients in containers with lids?

Ever opened up your spice jars to discover a musty smell or spotted an unwelcome mold patch that was discreetly making its home inside your jar? Eww, right? That’s probably because you are using jars with lids that are really not functioning well. So it would be best if you got your hands on jars with good airtight lids in your kitchen or pantry. None of us want our kitchen ingredients to get spoilt because we were careless in storing them. So let’s see why we need lids for kitchen containers and the available kinds.

Why do you need containers with lids for storing kitchen ingredients?

1) Freshness

The first thing is retaining the freshness of the herbs, spices, and any ingredients you’d be storing. Opting for airtight lids for storage containers is the best way to go. If you choose plastic containers, make sure they are food-grade and BPA-free. For a more environment-friendly choice, opt for glass containers with lids.

2) No contamination

Using tight-lid storage containers ensures that moisture is locked away. There’s a minimum chance of bacterial growth that’d spoil the stored items or some pesky insects like roaches or ants sneaking into the containers. Your stored ingredients stay protected from foreign substances and microbes that’d spoil them.

3) Preserving flavors

You’d be guaranteed the preservation of flavors and the original aroma of your favorite oriental spices or herbs. Jars and containers with a tight seal keep ingredients fresh and their flavors intact. 

4) No-spillage

Storing a freshly made paste or concoction in the ingredients jar? You’d want the container to be spill-proof. Lids, especially airtight ones, are also spill-proof. So an accidental slip or knockdown will not cause your liquid ingredients to flow all over the counter. It serves as a clean and no-mess option. 

5) Hygiene

Keeping your ingredients fresh, protected against contaminants and bacteria, preserving flavors, etc., makes containers with lids a hygienic option for storing food ingredients. Airtight containers are the best when opting for a healthy and clean option for storing ingredients. 

The kinds of lid containers to look out for:

You’ll get different kinds of storage containers for kitchen ingredients. You can choose among glass containers with lids, borosilicate containers, stainless steel containers, and plastic (polypropylene and polycarbonate being the most commonly used for clear and semi-clear containers). Most kitchen containers come with vacuum seal lids. Some of the containers and their lids are designed for stackability to save on storage space. You’ll find an assortment of designs among storage containers in the market that are ergonomic, stylish, and something that’d complement your kitchen décor. 

  • Lid material

Wood, aluminum, glass, plastic, stainless steel, and acrylics are the commonly used materials for ingredient jars. Their shape, color, and size vary according to container designs, shape and style. Glass or borosilicate mason jars with wooden lids are traditional, look elegant, and are commonly used for ingredient storage. 

  • Canister lids

Canister storage containers are the most common kinds of food storage containers. They are circular or rectangular and made from steel or plastic. They are sturdy and come with tightly locking lids. Some unique ones have press-down locks or half-open features, so you don’t need to remove the entire top and expose the jar content to air and moisture. 

  • Snap-on lids

You’ll find this kind of lids in any type of kitchen storage. Classic glass jars, sleek stainless steel kitchen storage, canisters, and modern-looking plastic and acrylic containers sport this kind of lids. They are airtight and often spill-proof as well. The most common example of this kind of lid is the Cambro containers. Check for the features before moving on to purchasing one. They are a cheap option among the different varieties available.   

  • Seal-cover lids

These lids are tight-fitting and spill-proof. They have an outer and inner seal system to ensure they’re airtight. Try to stick to the same brand while choosing a lid and a container because storage with lids is sold together, and you don’t need to mix different brands as it will not be effective. 

  • Color-coded lids

The best part about choosing ingredient containers with color-coded lids is they help in organizing your kitchen and looks nice too. If you have too many containers and often spend time hunting for ingredients, choosing color-coded lids can save you time and also give your kitchen a fresh look. These kinds of lids are usually the snap-on variety and offer airtight features. 

The bottom line about choosing kitchen containers with lids is to keep your ingredients fresh, hygienic, and neatly organized by opting for suitable styles. With an array of ingredient containers available in the market, it’s easy to pick suitable ones with style, elegance, and the most hygienic means of storing food. Whether you love vintage-looking glass containers with lids or sophisticated stainless steel containers for your modern kitchen, you’ll find great options to choose from.